What to Do with You Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Each Valentine’s day brings another year of romantic cards, flowers, teddy bears and endless chocolates. After the lover’s day is over and all the chocolate has been guiltily devoured we often trash the Valentine’s day residual that could put to be put to good use. Use this guide to make beautiful creations while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

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How to Entertain Kids During Weddings

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Here’s a question for you: what are the classic “must-haves” at a wedding? Cake, music, and  beautiful white dress all come to mind, as do flowers, rings, and true love. But do you know what else is always present? An adorable ring bearer or flower girl! Sometimes the beloved family puppy takes on the role, but most of the time it’s a pair of little kids that we watch walk down the aisle.

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