Holiday Card Frame DIY


What do you do with all those beautiful Mixbook holiday cards you received this year? Often times friends and family’s cards get left on piles of mail or not given a display worth of their cause.

This super fun and easy DIY project will turn any old frame into your new holiday card display. And the best part–you can use it all year round for important reminders or notes.

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New Printed Envelopes

The holidays are the busiest time of year! How can you be expected to have any free time with all the holiday shopping, cooking, decorating, entertaining the kids during winter break…yikes!

One of the most painstaking tasks of the season is addressing all your holiday card envelopes one by one. Updating your list, checking it twice, jamming your printer with those labels that always print weird, Mixbook is here to save you some time and stress.

We’re so excited to announce or new Printed Envelopes! Now all your envelopes come pre-printed, ready to be stamped for delivery.


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DIY Shaker Card

shaker card diy mixbook card making craft

Its World Card Making Day! Woohoo! When’s the last time you took the time to do a little crafty project or write someone a card? Today we celebrate the effort and love behind giving cards to one another. Here at Mixbook, cards mean everything to us. The excitement of a pen pal’s card waiting in our mailbox, the suspense to see what beautiful card lies inside that envelope, and the fact that it stays displayed proudly on our refrigerator to relive during our morning coffee.

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