What to Do with You Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Each Valentine’s day brings another year of romantic cards, flowers, teddy bears and endless chocolates. After the lover’s day is over and all the chocolate has been guiltily devoured we often trash the Valentine’s day residual that could put to be put to good use. Use this guide to make beautiful creations while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.

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Free Valentine’s Day Downloads

mj pars caeli iPhone wallpaper mixbook

Grab a box of chocolates, it’s time to celebrate love!! And we mean that in the biggest sense this year. Don’t just celebrate with your sweetheart, send love to family, and party with friends–give your phone the extra special treatment!

Yes, your phone. Really, with whom else (or what else?) do you spend more time? Maybe your computer? Well, send it some heart eyes, too.

I’m M.J., designer and founder of the site, Pars Caeli, and thanks to a great collaboration with the good people of Mixbook, I’ve created Valentines just for your tech. Decorating my bedroom with cut-out, construction paper hearts was my favorite February tradition at age eight. Maybe I never really grew up because now I do the same thing digitally for my desktop and phone spaces.

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