2 Tips to Remember When Placing Photos and Stickers on Your Page

Hi Mixbookers! Here is the next installment in our "Most Common Errors" blog series. In this entry, we’ll take a look at the bleed area, which refers to the border that cushions your page. Solid Color Page The checkered border in the above image represents the bleed area. As you can see, this border goes around the entire page and helps to ensure that your page prints out beautifully. When your pages are trimmed, there may be a slight variance from what you see on the screen to what shows up on the page. This is where the bleed area comes in. The trimming can occur anywhere within this area, so there are two important things you need to remember:

1. If you do not want your photo, sticker or text to be cut off, keep it well away from this area and the border of the page. This will ensure that the elements are not affected by the trim variance.

Away from the Border 2. If you do want your sticker or photo to go off the page, bleed the element well into this area. As long as the element makes it to the edge of the bleed area, you can be positive that it will go completely off the page.

Correctly Bled It’s easy to achieve #1 – you simply need to move the element away from the edge of the page in the editor. You can even use our white border line trick! But what about #2? While our editor may not show the bleed area, we do have a feature that assists you in determining this.

When in the editor, slowly drag one of your photos off the page. Did you notice how the photo jumped off the page? That’s our editor automatically snapping your photo to the edge of the bleed area! As long as you allow the photos to snap to this invisible outside line, your pages should turn out beautifully! Extending your photo past this line will also bleed the photo correctly. *A note on borders: If you are extending a photo with a border off the page, you'll want to allow the photo to snap, and extend it just a bit more. This will ensure that the border passes the bleed area and will not show up in print.

Stickers, on the other hand, can be a bit trickier. Because of their odd shapes, the snapping feature won’t always bleed the sticker completely off the page. What we would suggest doing is allowing the sticker to snap off the page. Once it’s done that, extend (or enlarge) the sticker off the side just a bit more. This will make certain your entire sticker reaches into the bleed area.

We hope this helps you gain a better understanding of how to create the best Mixbook possible! If you missed last week’s entry, take a look here. We discussed the best way to arrange your photos around the gutter area. As always, leave us a comment or contact us here, if you have any further questions! Happy Mixbooking!

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