5 Reasons Why Writing Personal Thank-You Notes is Good for Your Marriage

Most everyone is aware that penning a hand-written thank you card is the proper way to express thanks for any significant gift. And, beyond the requirements of good etiquette, it’s easy to see why creating custom stationery that’s personalized with a monogram, photograph, or even favorite quote lends warmth and intimacy to your notes that goes beyond words. But did you know that writing wedding thank you cards for gifts is actually good for your marriage and your general happiness? Here’s why! 1. Writing Thank You Cards Cements Happy Memories

love birds wedding thank you card

"Love Birds" Wedding Thank You Card

When you take the time to express your appreciation with a handwritten thank you card, it helps to imprint on your memory who gave you what. For the next 10, 20…50 years of your happy marriage, every time you come across a wedding gift, you’ll think “oh! Aunt Mary gave us this beautiful bowl!” Seeing that object will add meaning to your daily life and dimension to your memories. The simple act of serving a salad from that bowl will take you back to your wedding day, and serve—maybe even subconsciously—as a way to renew the way you felt when you exchanged vows.

2. Writing Thank You Cards Garners Support

chalkboard wedding thank you card

"Elegant Chalkboard" Wedding Thank You Card

Friends and family members who feel graciously appreciated are that much more likely to support you. Remember the moment in your wedding ceremony when the minister, priest, or officiant asked of the congregation, "Will all of you witnessing these vows do all in your power to support these two and their marriage?" And the congregation then responds, "We will”? Guests who attended your ceremony are asked to support you—and close family members will without question, of course—but saying a personal thank you is a wonderful way to cement your bond with everyone who attended your wedding. Your thank you card does more than express gratitude for a gift—you’re saying thank you for being part of the inner circle of friends and family members who will support you in many ways in the future.

 3. Writing Thank You Cards Makes Your Spouse Swoon a Little

watercolor wedding thank you card

"Watercolor Elegance" Wedding Thank You Card

Newlywed or not, witnessing your spouse take the time to say thank you to the people you care most about is magical, and thus really good for your marriage. I say “newlywed or not” because here I am ten years into marriage and I still get all gooey inside when my husband makes the effort (which is often because he’s a dreamboat) to connect with my friends and family members. He happens, however, to make 99.9% of those connections by email or phone. Like many women, I am generally the one who writes the thank you cards in our family. And it’s probably a good thing because that way we can be sure the recipient will actually be able to read the note. So even if you’re the designated note-writer like I am, know that your efforts are not lost on your spouse. Even if he’s a stoic kind of guy (which mine isn’t), rest assured that inside he’s swooning a little to think of you connecting with so many important people to him. Hopefully that image of him swooning like a little girl will get you though that fifteenth handwritten thank you card of the evening!

4. Writing Thank You Cards Makes Guests Feel Appreciated

destination wedding thank you card

"Destination Wedding" Thank You Card

Beyond what expressing gratitude does for you and your spouse, there’s a lot to be said for the selfless aspect of saying a proper thank you with a custom card. Friends and family members feel like you truly cared that they attended your wedding or that they gave you a lovely gift—or both! Everyone knows that opening the mailbox is far less exciting than it was back when there was no email—back when meaningful correspondence actually came in the post. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a spark of happiness when I see a hand-addressed card in a non-business-shaped envelope. Everyone who shared in the joy of your wedding day should get to feel that moment of happiness upon opening the post box.

5. Writing Thank You Cards Brings You Good Present Karma!

beach wedding thank you card

"Classic Beach" Wedding Thank You Card

And, last but not least—actually it is most certainly far less important than any of the other reasons above (but perhaps on par in terms of fun)—friends and family members who felt appreciated when they gave you a big beautiful wedding gift often feel compelled to give you gifts in the future, so pay it forward and reap the gifts down the road!

If you find yourself procrastinating on ordering your custom thank you cards—or putting off the note-writing itself, pick one of the above motivators each night for five, taking time to craft short but meaningful messages. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it goes—and how satisfying it feels to finish knowing you’ve got great memories, unwavering support, swoon-factor, altruism, and karma working in your favor!

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