5 Surprising Results from our Mother’s Day Survey!

Here at Mixbook, we’ve been in a heated debate about some basic trends and perceptions surrounding modern motherhood. We’d killed far too much time tossing around the questions with water-cooler conversation and pre-meeting chitchat—it was time to put our curiosity to rest, get scientific, and survey the stats. So we polled our beloved Mixbook fans for the answers. Here are the five most surprising results! 1. Bring home the bacon? Or fry it up in a pan?

mixbook survey results oprah


We asked our Mixbookers which celebrity talent they’d like to have as a mom. The most popular answer—a little more than 1/3 of Mixbookers polled—was “Bring home the bacon like Oprah.” In second place at 25% was “Cook like Giada de Laurentiis.” At 24% was “Craft like Martha Stewart. Just 13% of Mixbookers wish they could “Crack jokes like Tina Fey,” and a tiny 2% would like to be able to “Uphold the law like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

2. First-Mom Faves

mixbook survey results michelle obama


Nobody in our office could agree on the favorite all-time First Lady mom, so of course this question topped the list. Perhaps it’s because she’s got the benefit of incumbency, but Michelle Obama was by far the most popular answer. In second place was Jackie Onassis at 22%, followed by Laura Bush at 21%. Nancy Reagan came in fourth with 14% choosing her as favorite First Mom. Hillary Clinton came in last at just 7%.

3. Sweet & simple? Or rich & tormented?

mixbook survey results carol brady


We were really curious to see what our survey revealed about what kind of mom lifestyle our beloved Mixbookers secretly wished to live. Would they pine for the suburban ennui and drama of a kept woman like Betty Draper? Would they hope for the lavish lifestyle of Carmela Soprano? Or would they want to keep things simple and light like June Cleaver, Carol Brady, or Caroline Ingalls? Sweet and simple won out by a long shot! Carol Brady came in first with 43%, June Cleaver came in second with 19%, Caroline Ingalls came in third with 16%, Carmela Soprano came in fourth with 14%, and Betty Draper came in dead last with 8%!

4. Photo bug? Or picture dud?

mother's day photo book

"Mom-sims" photo book

At Mixbook, we’re pretty much split down the middle when it comes to our moms’ picture savvy. Either we got the bug to take and archive lots of photos from our moms—or we came to work for Mixbook because we’re determined to do a better job than she did! Looks like our internal stats are an accurate cross-section of the general population. We asked Mixbookers if mom took enough photos of you as a kid. Most of you—a whopping 60%—said “Yes, but they’re completely disorganized.” About 22% of you said “No, my older sibling has five times the pictures.” Just 11% say “Yes, my mom was a force of nature in the scrapbooking department.” And a mere 7% say, “Too many! There’s a shot of me doing just about everything!”

5. TV Dinners? Or soup from scratch?

recipe photo book

"What's Cookin'" photo book

We were pleasantly surprised by the results we saw when we polled our Mixbookers about how their moms fed them as kids. It seems that about 85% were served homemade, healthy meals at least some of the time. About 44% said “Every meal was lovingly made from scratch.” And about 41% said “Homemade and healthy one night, pizza or take-out the next.” About 10% of Mixbookers said “Frozen food + microwave = family dinner,” and about 5% said “The local restaurants that delivered were on speed-dial.”

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