8 Tips to Improve Your Cell Phone Photography Skills

With the launch of Instagram integration and our new Instagram theme, we thought it only fitting to write an entry on cell phone photography! Cell phones are no longer limited to making and taking calls thanks to modern day technology. With vast improvements in the quality of mobile cameras, many of us have begun to rely more on our phones to capture every day moments - instead of carrying around the sometimes larger and bulkier point and shoot alternative. Although a digital camera will almost always produce a better shot, here are 8 tips to help you get the most from your camera phone.

Tip #1: Keep the lens clean and clear. Unlike your point and shoot, your camera phone lens does not have a protective cover. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you keep that lens clean and scratch-free. The best way to clean your lens is to use a glasses or sunglasses cloth, as they are gentle cloths that will not scratch the glass.

Tip #2: Set the camera on your phone to use the highest resolution. While this will take up more space, it will give you more freedom in the long run. The largest resolution will allow you to have larger photos in your Mixbook projects, ensuring a better print and more options.

Tip#3: Upload photos to your computer regularly. Whereas a digital camera has a single task, phones have multiple uses and need space for your contacts and apps, in addition to your photos. Transferring your photos to your computer will free up space and allow you to take higher resolution photos. This is also a great way to back up and review your photos! iPhone users can check out iCloud and Android users can use the Google+ application. The other day, when I plugged my phone into my laptop, Dropbox automatically asked if I wanted to upload the photos from my camera into my Dropbox folder. As you can see, there are many options available to upload photos from your phone to your computer!

*As mentioned above, uploading the photos to your computer will also allow you to review your photos. Because the phone screen is small, viewing your photos on your computer will show you more detail and allow you to better judge whether or not the photo came out well.

Tip #4: Light your subjects well. With good lighting, your photos will come out crisp and clear. The lower the light, the grainier your photos will become. While many phones have a flash available, try to avoid using it if possible. Photos will look better in natural light, and you’ll conserve some battery power!

Good Light versus Low LightArtificial Light

Tip #5: Zoom with your feet. Get as close to your subject as possible before using the zoom feature on your camera phone. Using the digital zoom will decrease the photo’s resolution, so when possible, move closer!

Physical zoom vs. digital zoom

Tip #6: Take photos normally, without any filters. While those filters are tempting, always take the photo using the phone’s normal settings. This will give your photo the best resolution possible and give you more options. Remember, filters can always be added to the photo after. *Tip: For Instagram photos, change your settings so that you save the original photo as well as the filtered version. Remember, having options is never a bad thing!

Tip #7: Hold your phone with both hands for more stability. Two hands are better than one! Using both hands will prevent your arms and hands from shaking, giving you a sharper photo. You can also try bracing your arms against your body or resting it against a surface for more stability.

Tip #8: Take a few pictures at a time. Just like with your normal camera, you’ll want to take more than one photo to give yourself options. Try different angles and perspectives to get the most of the subject. Once you review your photos (on your computer), you can choose the best of the three or four photos you snapped!

Various Shots

If you’ve got any great photos that were taken with your camera phone, we’d love to see them! Share it with us and your fellow Mixbookers by posting it on our Facebook wall. Did we miss any genius tips? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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