A New Chapter in Mixbook's Exciting Story

moving announcement

House Key moving announcement

Hello, Palo Alto! You're looking beautiful from our new view. That's right! Mixbook has added a new office location to its resume. We're so excited to have moved into a three-story, foliage-framed, airy new office space. It's only been four days since the ribbon-cutting ceremony, but we have a feeling we're going to like it here. With The Counter, ย Caltrain, and ZombieRunner (home of "the best latte in Palo Alto") all within walking distance, what's not to love?

Despite the hustle and bustle of packing up parts of our San Jose office, knocking down and coating the walls with fresh (bright green) paint, settling our foosball table into its new home, picking out a new barbecue for the backyard, and furnishing our new top-floor engineering lounge (which features dual skylights), we've been hard at work to continue to provide you with top notch customer service and hot-off-the-presses photo book, card, and calendar designs (stay tuned to Mixblog to see our latest Spring releases!).

Want to see more pictures of our new space? Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from this week's welcome breakfast and a behind-the-scenes peek at how this gorgeous office came together!

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