Editor Trick: How to Add Card Stickers and Backgrounds to Photo Books

Have you ever browsed Mixbook's customizable cards and thought to yourself, “Wow, there are some great stickers here! I sure wish I could use them in my photo books!”? Good news! This is something you can do! In this tutorial, we will explore how to grab stickers from other products to use in your projects. No longer will you have to browse the stickers, waiting endlessly for the new stickers to load, hoping that this new batch will finally be the one! Instead, you can follow these directions to access stickers found in card or calendar themes and apply them directly to your photo books.

The Nautical theme, for example, can be found in our card templates, but not in any of our photo book themes.

To start, create a new project with the Nautical Dad card.

Nautical Theme card

Once you have created your card and have it open in the editor, drag any stickers you would like onto the page. At this time, you can also select any backgrounds you would like to use in your book as well. Remember, these cards are premade templates, so you will see the stickers already on the page. To successfully transfer stickers from one project to another, make sure the stickers appear in the “Project Stickers” section of your sticker tray. In the above screen shot,  the Project Stickers section is empty. In the below screen shot, the stickers have been applied to the page. You can now see the nautical stickers under the Project Stickers section.

Remember, there's no need to place the stickers onto the page nicely! We won't actually be creating this card.

add Project Stickers

The same can be done for project backgrounds.

add Project Backgrounds

Once you have added and saved all your stickers and backgrounds, go ahead and close out of the editor. From your home tab, locate the photo book you would like to add the nautical stickers to (we will be working in our Contemporary Seasons book) and open up the project in the editor. To access the nautical stickers, follow very similar steps to accessing stickers and backgrounds from past projects. Click on the Add Stickers button from the Sticker tab. In the window that opens up, select the My Content tab, then the corresponding project (in this case, Nautical Dad).

Project Stickers

Clicking on the stickers will automatically add them to your sticker tray. If your sticker appears to have grayed out and a green check mark is located on the bottom right corner, you know your stickers have been successfully added to the project.

add stickers to Photo Book

Stickers Tray

Now, drag the stickers from your sticker tray onto your page!

add stickers to page

Remember how we added backgrounds to our card as well? Follow the same steps to add them to your project.

Adding Backgrounds

You can then access the Backgrounds from your Project Backgrounds section and create a completely different page!

Final Page

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in allowing you to access the vast array of backgrounds and stickers that Mixbook cards, calendars, and photo books have to offer! Happy sticker mixing!

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