Design Tip: Auto Fill versus AutoMix

Today we wanted to explain two similar, yet different features our editor has to offer. While both the Auto Fill and AutoMix feature will automatically place your uploaded photos into your project, these two features do so in very different ways. We’ll also warn you now - both of these features cannot be undone. If you’ve already done significant work on your photo book project and want to try these features out, we suggest making a copy of your project and Auto Filling or Mixing the copy. Automatic Photo Insert

Auto Fill Auto Fill only applies to the unused photos in your photo tray. Clicking on the Auto Fill button will place these unused photos into empty photo slots in your project, in order of the date it was taken. If all the photo slots are taken and unused photos remain, new pages will be created based on the current theme loaded for your project.

Unused Photos

Since Auto Fill requires photo slots from themed pages, this feature cannot be used on the Blank Canvas theme. Additionally, Auto Fill can only be used once, as applying this feature will mark all your photos as used.  The exception to this rule is if you decide to upload more photos into your existing project or delete the pages so that the photos are once again unused.

AutoFilled Project

AutoMix Unlike Auto Fill, AutoMix can be used on all projects, including a blank canvas. Clicking on the AutoMix button will place your photos into your project in a random order. The layouts the photos are placed in will also be chosen at random. **Please note, you will need to check the "I Understand" box, before your project will be AutoMixed.

AutoMix Confirmation

Remember, if you are unhappy with the results, you can always hit the AutoMix button once more to see a different variation. Just remember, this feature cannot be undone, so AutoMix carefully!

Finished AutoMix

Why should you use these features? These features are great for photo books that need to be done quickly. Simply upload your photos into a project then click the appropriate button. All that’s left to do is a quick check over and the addition of any text, if you so desire.

This is also great for the beginning Mixbooker. Both AutoMix and Auto Fill can give you a starting point for your book. While these features cannot be “undone,” they can still be changed. Feel free to adjust layouts or swap photos to get just the right look for your photo book.

We hope this quick explanation has helped! As always, please let us know if you have any questions! Sound off in the comments below, Auto Fill or AutoMix – which do you prefer?

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