Photo Book Idea: Autograph Vacation Photo Book

As summer gets into full swing and vacations begin, we thought we’d take the time to give you an alternative to a theme park souvenir. As a child, one of my favorite theme park activities was getting autographs and photos with my favorite characters. While theme parks have an array of autograph books for purchase, in retrospect, the book becomes useless after a while, often becoming “junk” in the closet. This post will show you how to maximize your autograph book in 3 easy steps! Autograph Front CoverCollect the autographs Instead of purchasing an autograph book, purchase an inexpensive notebook with unlined pages – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something that can be used to gather your autographs. ** Insider Tip: Look for a notebook with perforated pages – this allows you to tear them out and scan the autographed pages easily. Pack this along with a pen when you go on vacation. For a bolder autograph, we suggest packing a Sharpie or a marker. Throughout the day, gather your autographs in your notebook – one to three signatures per page usually works well.

Scan and upload the autographs Once you return home, tear out these pages and scan them into your computer. Remember to save your scans as PNG files, which support transparent backgrounds! If you need help with transparent backgrounds, take a look at this great tutorial. Next, upload the autographs as stickers and you’re now ready to begin your autograph Mixbook! (You can watch our sticker upload video if you need help uploading stickers!)

Create your Mixbook Match the autographs to the photos and start creating your Mixbook! You can start with some of our pre-made themes (Rad Plaid - which is used here - is great for amusement park vacations), or just choose some layouts from our "Layout" tab! Single Photo and AutographSome additional tips…

• Take photos of your child (including the children at heart!) when they first meet and continue to interact with the character. Candid photos of them running up to, conversing, and giving high fives are a great way to capture the excitement of meeting their favorite character! You can see examples of these types of photos on our Stolen Moments pinboard! • Include other photos taken throughout the vacation. Group character autographs with other photos from the “land” or area they were found in. This will turn what was once a plain autograph photo book, into a wonderful vacation book! • At the end of each day, do a quick “interview.” Answers can be easily recorded in your autograph notebook. Ask what some favorite moments/highlights of the day were so you can add it to your Mixbook. If the line to meet a character is particularly long, conduct an interview on the spot to distract your child from the wait. • Create a “Trip Highlights” page. A list of favorite characters, moments, or rides will help remind you of the best parts of the trip (even when you’re looking at your photo book five years from now)! Take a look at our list layout entry for more ideas on how to create this page! • Choose a complementing background color for your autograph pages. You can read up on color theory to learn more on choosing complementary colors. If you’ve already got a color in mind, use our various color tools to choose that color!

Photo, interaction, and autographPhoto, surrounding area, and autograph)We hope this blog entry has breathed new life into those drab autograph books. If you’ve created one that you’re particularly proud of, please do share! We’d love to feature it in the future. :) Happy Mixbooking!

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