Behind the Mix: Kyle

Introducing Kyle, one of our Reprint Specialists

Reprints SpecialistHow long have you worked at Mixbook? Since September 2011. What's your favorite thing about working at Mixbook? The atmosphere and the dogs! How long did it take for you to order your first project? 2-3 Weeks If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks, so I can roundhouse kick defected books out of my sight! What is your favorite hobby and how did you get into it? Ice Hockey! I love the sport and used to play it until I had knee surgery. I always enjoy watching hockey and I like to volunteer at games by working as a statistician. Bummed about the NHL Lockout but there's other hockey to watch. If Mixbook could add something to the office, it should be an ice rink!

HockeyTake a look at Kyle's desk at our old office space. We think his favorite team might just be the San Jose Sharks! Do you like hockey, just like Kyle? Let him know your favorite player or team by leaving a comment below!

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