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Easy DIY Succulent Pumpkins

When brainstorming over this year's fall decor and holidays, it is always a fun challenge to do something new to surprise your family and friends. You can try new recipes, cold/rainy day games for the kids, or bring a fun gift to a gathering. We’ve got a craft that makes the perfect decor idea to change your usual pumpkin display, makes a unique gift, and can be a plate topper for this year's Thanksgiving festivities: succulent pumpkins!

How to Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

Along with Christmas photo books and photo cards, make your holiday season truly special by creating DIY Christmas ornaments your family can cherish for years. You don't have to stick to traditional painted glass bulbs, either (although you should add a few to your collection because they're a great way to capture kids' art abilities and showcase your own). Check out this list of DIY Christmas ornaments you can put together in your own home.

How to Address Save the Date Postcards

Sending out save the date postcards ­­­has become a rite of passage in the journey from engagement to wedding day. Save the date stationery offers a classy way to inform your prospective wedding guests of your upcoming nuptials, giving them as much information as they need to mark off your date on their calendars.

How to Make Address Labels

From bills to baby announcements, address labels can come in handy for so many mailings. You can feature your own name, your family's name, or your name with your significant other's name prior to the wedding for use with the save the date photo cards and wedding invitations. Like personal checks, you can customize the look of your return address labels with a fun theme or even a photograph. You can also use address labels to send gifts such as photo books.

How to Make Your Own Invitations

Crafting your own custom invitations give you a sense of pride in creating something beautiful. From birthday party invitations to baptism invitations, graduation invites, and beyond, you can make a personalized photo card calling for your family and friends to come together for a special occasion. Personalized photo invitations and photo books have become treasured keepsakes that hold their own special memories--memories that are meant to be shared.