Editor Tip: Changing Themes Within a Project

Editor Tip: Changing Themes Within a Project

Imagine the following scenario. Mom’s birthday is coming up and you’ve decided to make a photo book for her birthday present. It’ll be quick and easy, since Mixbook already has the perfect Mother’s Day Linen theme that you can easily turn into a birthday present. However, as you start gathering photos, you begin to realize that an even better photo book could be made if you could just pull pages from the Elegant Easter theme and even the Halloween theme. If only you could seamlessly change from one theme to another!

It's a good thing Mixbook is one step ahead and has already implemented this feature! With three clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to switch from Mother’s Day Linens to Elegant Easter.

Here's how.

Begin by choosing our Mother’s Day Linen photo book. Once your project is open in the editor, we’re ready to start counting clicks.

Click #1 Locate the Theme button in the Options and Title bar and click on it to open the following box within your editing window:

Click #2 Scroll through the themes until you locate the theme you would like to use; we are using Elegant Easter in this case. Click on the theme in the left hand column and it should now be displayed in the right hand field (as shown in the screen shot above).

Click #3 Click on the orange Change Theme button, and you’re just about done. Once you have clicked the button, the following confirmation should be displayed:

Once you have clicked “Okay” (we realize this is technically four clicks, but let’s just call this one Click #3.5 instead of Click #4) the window will disappear and you will be allowed to make changes in the editor once again. If you take a look at your page tray you will notice that all your pages look the same —what did you do wrong? Absolutely nothing! When changing themes within the editor, the new themed pages are not automatically added into your book. Instead, they are added to your Layouts Tab and can now be added to your project.

You can either replace the existing pages with a new layout, or add some pages to your project. The following two screen shots show what happens when a Mother’s Day Linen page layout is replaced with one from the Elegant Easter Theme.

We hope that this has been very helpful and will help you create the perfect gift for your mom—or whomever may be lucky enough to receive a Mixbook from you!

To see this feature in action, watch our YouTube video tutorial here:


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