How to Invite Friends to Contribute to Your Mixbook Project

If you’ve ever gone on a trip with more than one person, you know the photos are aplenty. This summer, why not collaborate with your fellow vacationers and create a beautiful Mixbook together? Adding contributors allows everyone to upload their personal photos into the same book, write comments and journal entries from their perspective, and even extends your vacation—allowing the entire group to relive the memories as they document them in a Mixbook.

So how can you invite your friends to help you create this book? Easy!

First, everyone needs to have a Mixbook account. If they have yet to register, use our referral program to get your friends signed up. They receive a discount and you receive $10 off—win-win for everyone, right?

Next, create the project so that it shows up under your Home tab. Locate the project on this page, and right below the size of the book you should see the “Author” line.

In Progress collaborative Project

Next to your name is the Invite Contributors link. Clicking on the link will bring you to the following page:

Invite Contributors Link

All you need to do is enter your friends’ email addresses or choose from your list of Mixbook friends. If you’d like, you can also add a personal message to be sent along with the contributor invitation. Click the Send Invitation button, and the following confirmation message confirms that you’re all set! collaborative Invitation Confirmation

Your friends will receive the invite via email! All your friends need to do is click the link, accept your invitation, and you’re ready to start building together! So which vacation are you planning on bringing to life in a Mixbook photo book?

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