Create a Photo Book to Commemorate a Special Birthday Celebration

Whether you went all out on a party because it was a milestone birthday or you went big just because, create a custom photo book to document your epic event. You’ll love having a reminder of the party for posterity. You can even print a few extra copies as proof of your fabulous celebration to hand out to friends who may or may not have the sharpest memories of the occasion. Even if your party wasn’t fueled by beer or bubbly, time does indeed fly when you’re having fun, which means printed pictures play a key role in letting you relive the festivities. Choose a Theme With two fabulous new birthday-themed photo books, you’ve got plenty of options for showcasing your special celebration. The Birthday Brights theme is perfect for an outdoor daytime celebration for kids or family. The Bold Birthday theme is perfect for milestone birthdays or anyone who wants a party-like-a-rockstar look to their photo book. And the Let’s Celebrate theme is perfect for a sweet kids’ party or ladies’ high tea

Birthday Brights

Bold Birthday

Set the Scene Include pics of more than just people smiling for the camera. Capture the location by snapping photos of signs, close-ups of décor or anything else that’s visually interesting and unique to your setting. You can even snap a photo of the birthday invitation (extra credit for propping it on top of a stamped and canceled envelope) and the menu if there is one.

Let Your Pics Do the Talking Include a few shots of items that will let you tell a story visually. You’ll most likely have a photo of the birthday boy or girl blowing out the candles on the cake. Instead of adding a text caption that says “haha, Bill couldn’t blow out the candles because they relight automatically,” let the pictures do the talking. Even if you forgot to snap a shot of the trick candle box that night, you can either take a picture now if you still have the packaging, or you can snag a photo from wherever the candles are sold online. Just make sure that any poached images have print-quality resolution. You’ll know it’s not high enough quality if a little yellow triangle appears in your image. If this happens, you can reduce the size of your picture frame until the warning triangle disappears, or you can find a better image. Of course trick candles may not be your thing, but you get the picture: illustrate the events of the evening visually whenever you have the opportunity.

Bold Birthday Spread

Place Photos Like a Pro If you’re going the quick and easy route, you can use the amazing AutoMix feature that automatically drops your party pictures into your photo book. Or you can take a little extra time to create a composition on each spread. Approach your party book by arranging photos in a roughly chronological order, then play around with placement till it feels right. Think about doing a few series, for example one page can feature posed shots of friends holding up fingers to indicate the big “three-oh” or “four-oh” and another page can feature shots of friends planting kisses on the birthday boy or girl. Another page might showcase several shots of the celebration from a distance – either looking down from a balcony or in through a door. Once you’ve roughed out the placement of all the pictures of people, you can go back through your book and add editorial images that capture the look and feel of the setting a little like how art directors do in a magazine. These types of images add pacing as well as dimension.

Birthday Brights Pages

Make it a Tradition Create a photo book for each birthday – you might find that the celebrations themselves are fun, but the memories are sometimes even better. And you’ll enjoy holding a visual memento in your hands for many birthdays to come. Here’s to many more! Happy Mixbooking!

Bold Birthday Back Cover

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