Five Great Bachelorette Party Ideas and Invitations

With all the planning and events that go along with any wedding, there’s bound to be a little anxiety around participating in and organizing yet another party. That’s why our philosophy here at Mixbook is this: KEEP IT SIMPLE. After all, the wedding is the crown jewel in the string of celebrations. But don’t let that be an excuse to skip the bachelorette party. Our advice? Don’t plan an event that requires the bride-to-be (or any of the guests for that matter) to stress about her attire. DO plan a party that lets girls be girls, with laughter, bonding, story telling, and connecting in the most casual, fun setting possible. Here are five of our favorite parties for the bride’s besties to steal away for some treasured girl time:

Set Up Camp If the bride-to-be is far more likely to don hiking boots than stilettos, reserve a beautiful campsite at a local campground. Plan simple, delicious food and bring plenty of wine. Surprise the bride by gifting her something meaningful around the campfire like a photo book depicting past camping experiences with family and friends. Then create some comic relief by cooking up some over-the-top adults-only s’mores with cognac-infused chocolate.

Camping Party Invite

Escape It All If everyone attending the party has the means, a spa day can be ideal for celebrating friendship, new chapters, and the importance of taking the time to process it all with people close to you. Choose a spa that offers a range of services in addition to a few communal spaces—a pool, café or tearoom—where guests can chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Laugh It Off If the soon-to-be bride loves to laugh, schedule your bachelorette party to coincide with a great comedian performing at a local comedy club. A fabulous comedy show is likely to inspire a much better group bonding experience than gawking at a bunch of greasy hunks at the local male revue. After the show, head to a cocktail lounge for a debriefing (if you must) on everyone’s favorite funnies.

Sing Your Hearts Out Whether you head out to a karaoke bar or put on an American-Idol caliber production at home, the bride-to-be will love working out her inner diva with all her besties. If you’re hosting the party at home, make sure you rent a good-quality karaoke machine. You’ll also want to create some sort of improvised stage so participants can bask in their temporary stardom.

See the Future Hire a palm or tarot-card reader to come predict everyone’s (good) fortune. After all, it’s not just the bride-to-be who’s dreaming of what’s ahead. Guests of all ages will revel in the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what the future holds…besides a fun wedding just around the corner!

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