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How to Throw a Graduation Party: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Throw a Graduation Party: Do’s and Don’ts

Graduation Party Invitations: High School, College & Grad School

Whether you’ve chosen to celebrate your graduation with a formal affair, a casual get-to-together or a raucous dance party that lasts all night, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to throwing a graduation party.

Mixbook’s Graduation Party Do’s & Don’ts

DO: Think of what you want your party to look like.
• A sit down dinner at your favorite restaurant?
• A barbecue in your backyard?
• The ballroom at the Ritz?
• Your local bowling alley?
• The pub you went to every Saturday night in Berkeley?
• A parking lot next to the football field?
• The basement rec room at your church?

DO: Pick out a graduation invitation that reflects your party.

DON’T: Ask for presents!
• If a guest brings you something, that’s your good fortune and a handwritten thank you note is required.
• If you’re the one bringing a gift, try to get something the graduate might use in his or her next step. Gift cards and cash are also appropriate. If you don’t want to spend a lot, a framed photograph of a special memory or even a handwritten note are lovely gestures.
• Thank you notes, thank you notes, thank you notes! Check out our collection of graduation thank you cards to find one that works for you.

DO: Have fun with your wording!
• While the specifics of where, when, who, how and an RSVP are a must – that’s not all you can include.
• Allow your invitation to reflect not only your graduate, but also the party you’re throwing.
• Feel free to be casual and fun if that’s your style.

DO: Include friends and family who would want to celebrate with you.
• As far as numbers go, your budget and your space are the only limiting factors when creating a guest list.
• Just remember, if this is a party of mixed ages, keep the celebrating at a tame level (at least until grandma and baby go to sleep)

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