How to Edit Text - A Mixbook Editor Tutorial

When creating custom photo books, cards and calendars, editing text becomes a very important tool. In order to truly make a project yours, we must be able to change the text, right? Well, editing text has never been easier! In this tutorial, we will show you how to edit text on a card, utilizing the "Edit Info" section, and then we'll take it a step further and show you how to edit text right on the card.

Let’s look back to Jocelyn’s invitation. When you first open your project, the "Edit Info" window automatically opens up:

Edit Info

This window can also be accessed by clicking on the [Edit Info] button, located under the Save button near the top right hand area of the Editing Area. Fill in the following fields and hit the orange Continue button.

Info Entered

New Card

As you can see in the above screen shot, all the information was added successfully to the card. At this point, you can hit save and order the card! However, if while proofreading your card you find an error, or want to make a change for aesthetic reasons, it is not too late! Nothing is set in stone!

For Jocelyn’s invitation, we are going to edit the event location. Instead of having “THE GRAND BALLROOM” in all caps, we are going to edit it so that “THE” is in all lowercase letters. (This change is purely for aesthetics.)

First, move your cursor over the text, so that it glows or highlights:

Highlight Text

Once the text is highlighted, click on the text so that the text box and editing toolbar appear:

How to Edit Text

Edit the text as needed, then click out of the text box.

Edited Text

Your last step is to hit Save, and there you have it, text editing done in a breeze.

The same steps can be used to edit any of the other text on your card. If you would like to add more text, outside of the Edit Info form, you can click on the Add Text button in the top right corner of the Editing Area. This will add a new text box to the page and can be customized to your heart's desire.

To edit text in your cards or calendars, the same steps can be followed. Move your cursor over the text so that it is highlighted, click, and edit away. So now that you’ve mastered how to edit text, let’s get started!

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