Mix-ins 5

Ah, the instruction booklet. Utilized by few, hardly revered by anyone. The few sheets of paper that it is comprised of speaks of the mundane and ordinary, but with a Mixbook you can make it so much more! This week our Mix-in comes from Mixbooker Michelle T. who did a great job of outlining the process of making a longboard. So take a cue from Michelle - instead of a boring old text-filled booklet, you can show each step of the do-it-yourself project along with a photo, helping to guide and instruct.


Another example of the instruction booklet is a recipe book. Photos of delectable food should encourage readers to get into that kitchen and start cooking! Take this Mixbook from two sisters ... the food is almost real enough to taste, and the photos are key to inspiring others. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry already. Their recipe for Baked Salmon with Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes would be a tasty addition to any fall menu. So get your recipes together, make your own book and share it with us! Then the whole world can follow YOUR instructions ... doesn't that sound appetizing?


You know, this just proves that Mix-ins really are delicious.

Mix-in it up, Alison

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