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A rhyme, a line, a Poetic verse that's a Mixbook first. It's a book of poetry!


Mixbook can publish your verbal works of art almost as fast as you can type them. Mixbooker Johanna has an in progress book that is filled with her lyrical verses of poetry. Each section of the book is broken down into "shades" - sepia, gold, jade and littered with poems of different sorts. Some delightful, some puzzling, some dark and deep. One of my favorite lines is from a poem called "A Walk in the Park":

"I do have a repertoire of silly stories up my sleeve. Before we leave, I shall make you endure a couple. Just because I like to hear your laughter bubble up Best of all is when we have to stop because

the giggles bend us double or the wind buffets us like tangled puppets or the dog pulls too hard in the rain and all the movement is suddenly slapstick, plastic macs flapping stupidly. That tickles me."

So try your hand at it, it doesn't even have to rhyme.

I'm a poet and I didn't even know it, Alison

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