Mixbook's Getting Social

Hello Mixbookers! A popular question we receive is how to share one's projects, which, of course, makes perfect sense! We put in so much time and effort into our Mixbook projects, we can’t help but want to share our creations with the world once we’re finished! Well... have no fear, Mixbook has gotten even more social, making it even easier to share your projects! We’ve added five new buttons, allowing you five different ways to share your projects!

Project Sharing

These buttons can be found on the "Home" tab, the "My Projects" page, your project's preview page and on the order confirmation page - after you've placed an order. On the "Home" tab and the "My Projects" page, you'll want to hover your mouse over the desired project to bring up the buttons.

LikeOur first button is for Facebook. Clicking this will add your project to the “Likes” section of your Facebook profile. To post your project directly onto your or your friend’s wall, check out this tutorial.

SendThe second button will share your project via Facebook Messages. Simply add the e-mail address(es) and a message, then hit send!

Pin ItThe third button is the Pin It button, which we’re sure many of you are familiar with. This button will pin your project onto one of your Pinterest pinboards. When users click on the pin, they will be taken directly to your project’s preview page.

TweetThe fourth button is our Twitter button. This will tweet the link of your project to all of your followers. Feel free to edit our pre-written message to give a better description of the project!

+1Last but not least is our Google Plus button. Clicking this button will show others that you like this project. You can also add a comment and have it post to your Google Plus profile.

And there you have it, 5 ways to get social with your Mixboook projects! :) We can’t wait to see which projects you’re all planning to share! Happy Mixbooking!

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