Mixbooker Photo Book Idea: Music Tour Yearbook

When I hear the word yearbooks, I'm automatically transported back to my high school days, where a yearbook showed everything that happened during the school year, from school dances to extracurricular clubs, they were all documented within those pages. Filled with signatures and dedications, school yearbooks were a testament to who you were and what you did during that school year. Today’s Mixbooker project idea applies the yearbook concept to life post graduation. Mixbooker Jess was the fan club coordinator for a touring country music act. As the tour neared its end, the touring manager presented her with a project: Let’s celebrate the awesomeness of this tour with something fun and light-hearted. Given all the inside jokes, funny experiences and good stories shared while on tour, Jess knew creating a yearbook would be the perfect way to commemorate their journey. Read on to see what how Jess completed the project and the reaction she received when the crew was pleasantly surprised with their yearbook! *Please note, the screenshots used in this blog entry are sample layouts. The actual pages from the project are not shown to protect the privacy of the band and crew.

This cover was created using a layout from the Modern Yearbook theme.
Modern Yearbook Back CoverMixbook: How did you find Mixbook and what made you decide to use us for this project? Jess: Once the tour manager asked if I would be apart of making the book, I set out to find a place to do it. I had heard of Mixbook from a friend who had previously used it for different projects. After doing my research, I knew that I wanted to use Mixbook because of the easy set up, and wonderful staff who answered all of my questions before even starting. Since we had a lot of weird deadlines, and it was kind of an odd situation, I felt comfortable using them and knew that the company would be the perfect one to work with.

MB: How many people worked on the project and how long did it take you to finish? J: If I remember correctly we had a little over a month to do it. Since the crew was so large and we wanted to include everyone, I had help, but the book was still a secret for the band and the majority of the crew. I had the 2 photographers that traveled on the road with us help, my bus driver (so he could get pix of the other bus & truck drivers in the morning while I was asleep) and our production assistant, stage manager, and tour manager. Those were the only people that helped and knew about the book.

6 Photo Mixbook LayoutMB: What was the process like? How did you decide on which layouts to use and how to format the book? J: Everyone that worked on the book pretty much sent me [photos], then I used Mixbook's layout and suggestions from Nisat on creating the book. I was the only person to actually use the website to put it together. Everyone else sent me [photos]! I decided to use the tour theme colors, which were neon. I also took suggestions from the people helping on gathering pictures. We included things such as recipes from our catering crew, and also created an "Awards" page.

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What's Cookin' LayoutMB: Was the yearbook a surprise to the entire crew? How did they react upon receiving the Mixbooks? J: Yes it was a surprise! We gave it out at our second to last show. This gave us enough time so that people could sign our books. Also, both of our opening acts were with us that day so we included them as well. Everyone LOVED it! It was such a fun surprise. Lots of laughs! It was the PERFECT way to end such an incredible tour!

MB: Anything else you'd like to add? J: I couldn’t have asked for a better process. Thank you to everyone at Mixbook! Nisat was SUPER helpful. I can’t wait to use Mixbook again!

This page was taken from the Modern Yearbook theme.
Modern Yearbook Layout PageWe absolutely love this idea because it can apply to any type of tour! Whether you're a musician, part of a Broadway national tour or even a book tour, you can create this yearbook for you and the rest of your crew!

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