New Feature - Open Books!

You know the old saying "read me like an open book"? Well, we've made that a reality by introducing our new Open Book feature! What's an "Open Book," you ask? Well, it's the essence of what making a Mixbook is! An Open Book allows anyone to contribute to its content by adding pages and photos. Unlike other books, everything is unlocked and editable by any user. An Open Book is marked by a symbol that looks similar to Lisa Simpson's hairdo! Open Books can be found on the Explore Page in the "In Progress" section, and you can click "Edit" to automatically become a contributor of the book!

lisasimp.gif open_sign.gif

You can make an Open Book about anything - the food you like, the actors you admire, or even the recipes of other Mixbookers! I've given you blog readers a head start by making my very own Open Book. It's called "A Recipe for Success" and I'd like it to contain all of your favorite recipes with photos! Maybe your grandma made some killer dumplings or your mom made the best brownies ever and you want to share it with the world. Or at least share it with me. Click the book below to contribute now!


You read me like an Open Mixbook, Alison


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