Organize Your Photos with One Simple Trick

It’s official. January is the month to get your life in order. It’s the time we set goals and begin taking baby steps towards achieving them. If getting organized is one of your top priorities for 2012 (it is for us!), then why wait? Start clearing out the clutter today. And what better way to start organizing than organizing your photos by clearing them out of piles in boxes, drawers, and digital files? It's as easy as waving a magic wand (trust us). Earlier this week, Mixbook was mentioned in a Kansas City Star article called “Strategies for organizing your photos in 2012,” in which author Stacy Downs outlines 12 simple steps to tackling your photo-related mess. Expert organizer and author of “Organize Now!” Jennifer Ford Berry says she “likes Mixbook because she finds the software easy to use. You can even auto-fill the book; no design choices required. And as you upload pictures, you can post them to social media and photo sharing sites.” With photo books starting around $15, Berry says, “It typically costs the same as if you made prints and bought a separate album.”

She’s right! Our AutoMix magic wand tool makes it super easy to load your book with all of your uploaded photos. Once they’re randomly placed into your book, you can move them around and edit them to your heart’s desire with our book editor that allows you to completely customize your creation. For more great tips on reducing clutter, check out Stacy’s article in the Kansas City Star.

Here's what our AutoMix tool can do:

organize your photos with AutoMix

organize your photos with Auto Fill

organize your photos automatically

Pretty neat, right?


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