Our newest feature - AutoMix


We are so proud to present our newest feature ... AutoMix! All of us at Mixbook World HQ have been waiting forever for this feature to be revealed, and we are so excited that Mixbookers finally get to use it. The AutoMix process allows users to create a photobook with the click of a button! This feature is super easy to use, and there are only three simple steps needed in order to make a book. It's so simple, you could make a book with your hands tied behind your back!

1) Select a theme - choose from 9 fun options

2) Select photos - from your favorite sites like flickr, facebook, and Yahoo! photos (and more to come)

3) Click the "See Your Book" button - the book viewer will open so you can flip through your book

And that's it! In seconds you have a photobook filled with all the photos you selected! If you aren't completely happy with some of the backgrounds that were chosen, you can choose to edit it, add text, change the layouts, stylize frames, or add background colors. With all the pages laid out for you, there's hardly any work to do. So go ahead, try it out! Then email us at feedback@mixbook.com to tell us what you think. At least you can't say it took too long ...

AutoMixin' rocks my socks AND my shoes, Alison

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