Quick Kid-Friendly Photo Books for the Lazy Days of Summer

Whether or not you’re lazy year-round, come summer you’re supposed to be. Instead of tackling big creative projects, take on snack-size activities. Let the spirit of one particular day move you and create a quick twenty-picture Mosaic photo book right from your iPhone. You can have it delivered direct to your door just a few days later. You can also surprise family and friends far away with a Mosaic photo book, which will pretty much make their day.


Simply download the Mosaic app – it’s free! All you have to do to create your book is select 20 photos from your camera roll. The Mosaic app will pull them in and drop them into the book automatically. If you don’t like how they’re arranged at first, simply tap to re-order till you like the layout. Order your book for just $20, and have it delivered right to your door within a week.

Here are some easy-to-pull-off ideas for summer Mosaic books. Try them with your kids, or be a kid for a day and do them yourself. Above all, have fun – and remember that getting creative doesn’t have to be a big commitment!

Pose Book A fun activity for kids and teens is making a list of every possible emotion, then personifying each one in a photograph. Whether you call it an exercise in method acting or simply hamming it up for the camera, it’s great fun to practice and snap the shot. Try it with a group of friends or solo, and add costumes and props to the exercise for extra fun.

Day In the Life Whether you’re heading off for a day-trip or simply cooking, crafting and playing around the house, create a twenty-photo story of everything that unfolded in a single day. Plan ahead with your kids by making a list of all the pics you want to capture – or decide in advance what makes a perfect day, then chronicle your every move in pictures. Kids love the exercise of imposing structure onto a day, and being the ones who decide what that structure will entail. But what they won’t realize is that learning to plan a great day is a life lesson – and by creating a photo book it just happens to be great fun.


Gift In the Making There’s nothing better than a homemade gift, whether it’s for dad, grandma or big-sis. Unless of course, you have a photo book to wrap up with it that shows every step of the making process. Snap twenty pics of everything from procuring the materials to cutting, pasting, sewing, sprinkling, baking, decorating and completing whatever it is you’ve set out to create. Your giftee will be beyond honored to see all the steps that went into making something truly special.

Nature Hunt Go on a nature hunt, whether in the woods or at the shore, picking up every beautiful object you can find. Snap a photo of each item in its natural environment or in your child’s hand. It’s a great way to ensure shells and stones that look much more beautiful wet from the ocean or vibrant with living green lichen are remembered at their best. And then there’s the secondary benefit of keeping sand crabs and shed snakeskins out of your home and safe within the pages of a nature photo book.

Happy Mixbooking the Mosaic way!

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