5 Ways to Create a Quick Photo Book for Perfect Last-Minute Gifting

It’s early December people, and there’s lots to be done. But I am here to tell you there’s still plenty of time to create a photo book. In the interest of efficiency, I’ll skip right to the 3-part trick to making it happen stat.

  1. Choose a focused theme (now)
  2. Dump all relevant photos and scans into a dedicated folder
  3. Upload into a professionally designed Mixbook template and hit “Automix

That’s it!

To help you get started (now), here are some ideas:

Family Album

Pick one great photo of every family member. Each picture should portray that person “in their element.” Make sure they’re high-resolution so you can make each portrait big. The idea here is to keep is simple, and celebrate a moment in time featuring the people in your life. Make your family album photo book as short or as long as you want it to be – and as succinct or verbose as you want it to be – then print copies for everyone in it. Boom. A perfect holiday photo book that is personalized to every single person on your list.

Family Photo Book

Alphabet Book

Create a personalized photo book that features pictures of your children interacting with objects illustrating every letter of the alphabet. And if you don’t have photos for every letter, snap shots of toys you find in their room. There isn’t a kid on Earth who wouldn’t be mesmerized and enchanted by this lovely personalized gift that features his or her unique universe.

Alphabet Book

Travel Journal

Pick a trip and make a book. Really. You need to keep it that simple. It’s December, people! But this is very do-able. Simply drop all your photographs of a special get-away into a folder on your desktop. Edit them first, then upload them into a predesigned travel photo book template on Mixbook and, you guessed it, hit “Automix.” If it doesn’t drop all your photographs right where you want them, hit “Automix” again until you’re happy with the composition. Or, if you find one spin on the Automix wheel gets you close to perfection, go with it and do a little bit of tweaking manually. Voila! You have a gift-ready photo book for your parents, your kids, your grandma and your sister. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have some actual printed photos to flip through when you’re taking a much-needed breather from your screen to dream of a glorious vacation.

Travel Photo Book

Family Yearbook

Can you believe 2013 is coming to a close? Before you’re knee-deep in next year, create a book that encapsulates all the activities undertaken and milestones reached during the past 12 months. Choose between 5 and 20 photographs for each month, then upload them into one of Mixbook’s Year in Review Photo Books. Automix will chronologically load your photos, which works beautifully for a book that’s organized month by month (score!). Take the simple route to start, then tinker with photo placement, layout and stickers to your heart’s content.

Year in Review Photo Books

Photo Booking On the Fly

And if you think you don’t have time now, but you suddenly find yourself with minutes to kill while you’re waiting in line to see Santa at the mall: rejoice! You can create a 20-photo book – delivered in 4 days! – with Mixbook’s Mosaic app right from your phone!

Mosaic Photo Book

Happy Mixbooking! Happy quick photo book–making!

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