Sneak Preview of the Mixbook Creator

So many of my friends and family members are asking me: "When is Mixbook going to launch?" "When can I use it?" We're just about there, and many of you will be receiving invites over the next couple of days. In the meantime, I thought I'd give you a little preview of the Mixbook Editor - the primary tool used to create Mixbooks on the site (hence the name). The Mixbook Editor allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful books ("Mixbooks") that can be printed as professional photo books or shared online with your family and friends. However, Mixbook is different than all those other photo book creation sites out there. Some of the main things you will notice:

  • We save everything for you. There is no save button, because you don't need to save. We've got it covered with our amazing auto-save feature.
  • Try before you click. Wondering what something will look like after you apply it? Are you afraid to try out that cool new layout? Just hover your mouse over and watch as your page automatically previews what it would look like if you clicked to select that layout. No need to commit yet - just try putting your mouse over it, and we just might give you a preview so you don't lose your work!
  • Awesome Colors - Having trouble selecting a color? Open the color palette and try moving your mouse over a picture on your page. See that? We pulled the color right out of your picture! It's magic. :)

Now that we have you excited, check out these beautiful screenshots of the Mixbook Editor in action:

Our Wedding

You can create beautiful covers like this easily with Mixbook! Notice the transparent text box background...

Tiptoeing Through the Flowers

This is one of the beautiful layouts that comes with Mixbook! We already have over 100 different layouts to choose from, and more are coming.

Crazy Brothers

My crazy brothers on Mixbook!

The Cat

You can view your Mixbook online and flip the pages - just like a real book!

Crazy Faces

Check out the great pages you can flip through!

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