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Summer Party Tips and Tricks

This summer, seize the hot and sticky by planning a party that rocks. From old school water games in the backyard to flavored margaritas for the grown-ups, ring in the summer Mixbook-style. The options for summer party themes are endless whether you are hosting a work event , a pool party, or an afternoon at the beach. Mixbook has you covered like sunscreen. Even if you’re celebrating summer just to celebrate summer we understand and support your need to celebrate. Many of our summer party invitations feature easy to mimic themes like our “Summer Party” and “Summer Patterns” invitations.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Guide

You’re now in the third trimester and home stretch of your pregnancy, and the arrival of your baby is getting closer every day. While you can see the light at the end of the tunnel with only a few months left to go, this trimester can be the most difficult. Try to stay positive and focus on the little bundle of joy that will soon be snoozing peacefully in your arms.

3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

The coming of spring brings about many changes. Along with warmer weather comes the motivation for us to get up and get going on our ever-growing to-do lists. It’s an opportunity to clear both your mind and your home, hitting the refresh button as we move into a busy time of year.

7 Simple Tips for Starting a Custom Photo Book From Scratch

Starting a photo book project from scratch can feel overwhelming. Luckily for you, Mixbook has the tools and resources to make designing a custom photo book as easy and intuitive as possible. While everyone’s process for starting a project is different, the goal is universal - create a personalized memento that can be cherished for years to come. Below we’ve compiled a few simple steps to make the process as seamless as possible.