Thanksgiving DIY Succulent Pumpkins

We're already a month into Fall, but the holidays are just ramping up! Hopefully you've packed up all the ghoulish and spooky decor and fully embraced November's arrival. When brainstorming over this year's Thanksgiving, it is always a fun challenge to do something new to surprise your family and friends. You can try new recipes, provide games for the kids, or bring a fun gift for the host or guests. This great craft makes the perfect decoration upgrade, gift, or plate topper for this year's Thanksgiving festivities. Introducing the Succulent Pumpkin.  

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 6

Looking back on 2015, succulents have been the trending greenery of the year. Being a drought-friendly plant, we're able to keep the green going by including succulents into fall crafts with ease. Each one of these succulent pumpkins takes about 10 minutes to create (depending on what size you attempt).

The shopping list:

  • Pumpkins (your choice of size)
  • Various succulent plants
  • Moss
  • Additional soil (optional)

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 1

Step 1

Remove the top of your pumpkin and clean out the interior. The inside does not have to be spotless–just make sure you remove the seeds.

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 2

Step 2

Place moss all around the edge of your pumpkin's top.

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 3

Step 3

Choose a succulent and remove the plastic planter. Begin to repot the succulent inside your pumpkin. The moss will begin to dip into the hole just enough and stay in place.

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 4 Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 5

Step 4

You may use the additional soil or more moss to fill gaps in your pumpkin. If your succulent fits nice and snug, that's it! Look at how cute these little guys are.

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 6

Try experimenting with larger pumpkins as well. You'll have more room to combine different succulent plants and create a bigger centerpiece display.

Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 8Succulent pumpkin diy mixbook 7

These are so easy and so much fun to make. The green shades of the succulents and texture of the moss blend perfectly with the pumpkins. Once you carve into the pumpkins, expect them to last about a week or two. The succulents will last a lot longer for you to keep and nurture. Just toss the pumpkin and replant them. Spray the succulents with water weekly for upkeep.

This craft is sure to be a jaw dropper and produce some "awwwww" from its recipients.  We'd love to see you get creative with your succulent pumpkins, so share your creations on Instagram and tag us @Mixbook. Happy Mixbooking!


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