The Mixing Bowl 10

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas earlier and earlier in the season nowadays. It seems that stores are just skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving altogether and going straight to Christmas trees and Santa Claus. So with this 10th edition of The Mixing Bowl, we've hopped on the seasonal bandwagon! We wanted to inspire Mixbookers to make personalized Christmas gifts with a twist, so we made a Christmas Mixbook. This book is a compilation of page layouts that you could use for the holidays to bring someone you love a little cheer! It is fun, sweet, and so easy to make.

Check out some of our ideas, and catch the Holiday Spirit! Wouldn't it be great to have all your Christmas shopping done by the end of November? Yes, of course it would!


Sending you Holiday Cheer, Alison

Shout out to our intern Anna for making a stellar Mixbook!

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