The Mixing Bowl 15

If pigs could fly ... they'd travel the world!

The moment I saw this book, I knew I had to cover it here on the Mixing Bowl. It was witty, creative, cute and downright fun.

Mixbooker Candy Y. proves that pigs can fly, and that they can also travel in style. In the book, "Voyage with McMug and McDull," 2 pigs take off on an adventure to exotic locales with delicious food all along the way. These pigs have been more places than I could ever have imagined!

Some highlights:

- delectable dumplings in Taipei, Taiwan - a feast in Bangkok, Thailand - snorkeling in Bohol, Philippines - building snowmen in Hokkaido, Japan - visiting the Olympic stadium and Water cube in Beijing, China - stunning views of the Grand Canyon in America - traveling along Australia's Gold Coast

Boy, pigs sure can take great photos! Take a cue from this awesome Mixbook and have fun with your photos. And be sure to share your experiences with us by emailing us at

If pigs can fly, then they can definitely Mixbook, Alison

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