The Mixing Bowl 3

Ah, we're back again! And with more fun to boot. Check out these new (and some old) Mixbook photo books that we picked to be in the Mix! From professional to profound, these books are definitely something to see. 1) Willie Herath Photoshoot by Arpit M. Photography

This photo album is full of fine photos of musician Willie Herath, from Arpit M.. Dropped into a few simple layouts the photos don't need much more embellishment . This book is not only cool to look at, but is a great example of using a Mixbook to showcase your work (see previous post!). Arpit can get a Mixbook printed and show them to potential clients or even to show his clients what their proofs look like after a photoshoot. Brilliant! Arpit's work is inspiring and fun.


2) Trip to Cambodia and Thailand by Carolyn L.

Carolyn's trip to Cambodia makes me want to travel. Carolyn's travel itinerary is filled with history and green photos! Cambodia's picturesque countryside, ancient ruins, and happy children's faces make for an interesting trip.


3) Peyton and Caroline by Sherry W.

The sweet relationship between a brother and sister. This book is all about the fun we knew as children, playing dress up at Halloween, going to camp, swimming in the lake. I love this book for its playfulness and of course, for its keen subjects! Great job, Sherry! It looks like you and your kids had a wonderful year!


Mixbook 'em, Alison

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