The Mixing Bowl 4

This week the Mixing Bowl is full of furry goodness! Furry animal goodness, that is! I was dog sitting last week, so I think I have animals on the brain ... Let's see how Mixbookers have paid tribute to their furry friends with their books.

1) Constant Opal by Shari

Shari's book about Russian opal (dwarf) hamsters is a cute collection of pictures of her growing family. Shari wrote a short biography about each hamster, and took many close up shots of her delightfully sweet brood at their best. I love how she paired each page set and wrote about the individual characteristics of each hamster. It reminds me of when I owned hamsters!


2) Cody and Sasha - Puppies! by Lisa F.

You may have seen Mixbooker Lisa's book on our front page, but have you actually viewed it? This is a precious story about how two puppies were rescued from the SPCA only to find fun and fresh adventures in the Fong household. This book will make you want a puppy guaranteed!


3) Roxie the Boxer by Angie M.

This is a funny, crazy and sentimental book about a boxer pup saved from near death. Roxie is a stylin' hounddog in this book, dressed in her Sunday best and business professional outfits. Read this book all the way through to the end, it is a touching story that almost made me cry. Roxie, you rock!


So take a little time today to appreciate man's best friend (or friends) and make a Mixbook about their silly antics. This post is dedicated to the unofficial Mixbook mascot, Oreo the Boston Terrier.

Mixbook is even better than bones, Alison

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