The Mixing Bowl 7

Ciao Mixbookers! This week's Mixing Bowl is coming to you from the country of Italy. Newlyweds Rebecca and Matt went on a fabulous honeymoon trip to Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Venice -- and through their Mixbook we get to travel along with them. Italian Honeymoon by Rebecca F.


Romance and love are in the air ... along with cups full of gelato! I love Rebecca's narrative style paired with the beautiful photographs of Italy's architecture and famous sights, with funny little anecdotes here and there. Be sure to check out page 12 for a picture of the Pope on a giant lollipop! That was definitely a sight to see ... and I didn't have to pay the price of a ticket to Italy.

Take a look at this Mixbook and be inspired -- whether your next Mixbook is about a trip to another country or a trip down the street, the memories are what it's about.

Felice (Happy) Mixbooking, Alison

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