Three Easy Steps to Copy Your Book to a Mini Photo Book

Want to try out our new Mini Photo Books (starting at $6.99) but don't have the time? The quickest way to make a Mini Book is by copying a photo book that you already have into the Mini Format. Check out how to do it in these 5 easy steps:

1. Click the Copy Link Next to your Book

Find the book you want to copy in your "Home" or "My Books" section, and click the copy link.


2. Select the Size You Want to Copy To

You choose the size you want. For this tutorial, we're going to assume you want to choose Mini. :)

Select a Size

Select the 6x4 Mini Book

3. Check your book, Make Changes and Order!

Now that your book is copied, you want to check it over for common issues. Since we're copying from a Landscape book (11x8.5, to be exact), we don't have to worry too much. Just check to make sure all the pages of the book look good in their new format. Then, you're ready to go!

As always, email us with any questions or ideas at support at mixbook dot com.

Keep up the Mixbookin!


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