Customize Photo Projects with Mixbook's Editor Title and Option Bar

Customize Photo Projects with Mixbook's Editor Title and Option Bar

Stop number two on our road trip through the Mixbook editor brings us to the Title and Option Bar, which allows you to customize photo projects in convenient, user-friendly ways. 

This bar displays the title of your current project. On the right, you see different option buttons. These buttons very depending on the type of project you are editing. We’ll take a look at the buttons that appear when you edit a photo book first, as this type of project displays the most options.

  1. Theme: This button allows you to change your project's current theme. Please note that using this button will not modify what you have currently created. Instead, it will change the selection that appears in the Theme section of your Layouts, Backgrounds, and Stickers Tabs.
  2. AutoMix: This button AutoMixes your entire project. It randomly places photos from your photo tray into your photo book. The layouts are pulled from your project's current theme. Please note that this feature cannot be undone, and will overwrite any existing work. If you would like to try this feature, but want to keep the work you’ve already created, we suggest you make a copy of your photo book and AutoMix the copy.
  3. Save: This button saves any changes, edits, or additions made to your project. If it is grayed out (like in the above screen shot), your work has already been saved, either by you or our autosave feature.
  4. Preview: Clicking this button opens a window within the editor, allowing you to preview the pages in your photo book. While viewing the preview, you will not be able to make edits to your project.
  5. Invite: This button allows you to invite friends and family to contribute to your project. A new window opens up and you can enter the e-mail addresses of those whom you'd like to become contributors. Once they accept your invitation, they will be allowed to make changes to your project.
  6. Help: Clicking here gives you a quick guided tour of the editing window, which is similar to what you are reading now!
  7. Order: This button closes the editor and takes you directly to our ordering page.

The following screen shots show the option buttons that appear when you edit calendars and cards.

The Calendar Editor

The Card Editor

While the calendar and card editors have fewer buttons, their functions remain the same. With your new knowledge, why not start a photo book and try inviting contributors?

Stay tuned to Mixblog to continue our road trip. You may also return to the main Road Map here. Happy Mixbooking!

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