Trick My Mix - Custom Color Picker

Today's tip is a simple and easy trick - with potentially beautiful results. Using our custom color picker to match your background and text to your photo(s) can give the appearance of continuity, and can be a striking addition to your book page. We took the photo below and clicked on our background color picker (the small colored square located in the background section) and scrolled over the sky color in our photo (instead of selecting from the pre-set colors). The background is now the same color of the sky, and is complementary to the photo.


The same can be done with the text by selecting the text and clicking on the text color box. Use the tiny eyedropper tool to scroll over the photo and click on a coordinating color. For our book page, we took the text color from the lights at the top of the hotel, as a contrast to the deep blue background color.

And voila! There you have it ... a page as beautiful as the hotel itself.


Have a great weekend, and take some time to explore more of our new books and play around with our Creator tool!

Matchy Mixbooks are afoot, Alison

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