Video Tutorial: How to Upload Photos from Facebook

Picture this. Your BFF's b-day is coming up in a few weeks (thanks for the heads-up, Facebook!) and you want to create a photo book on Mixbook full of heartwarming photos of the two of you together to give to her as a birthday gift. Great idea (we think she'll adore and treasure it forever)! But wait. The memory card inside your digital camera doesn't house any images from the wedding in which you were both bridesmaids last year. Don't despair! This is where Facebook comes in. No doubt there are entire albums full of photos featuring the affair, uploaded to Facebook by wedding guests, groomsmen, the shutter-happy Mother of the Bride, etc. Jackpot! All the pictures you need to create a beautiful Mixbook are available at the tips of your fingers (try our AutoMix magic wand tool to instantly populate your entire Mixbook with photos). How? View our fun tutorial video or read the below instructions to discover how to populate your Mixbook with your (and friends') Facebook photos!

Video Transcription:

A popular question we receive is how to upload your Facebook photos into your Mixbook project. Once you have your project open, click on the “ADD PHOTOS” button from the photos tab. In the window that pops up, click on “Import Photos” and then “Facebook” from the left-hand side. Clicking “CONNECT” will open up a pop up window. Log into your Facebook account.

Once you have clicked the “Log In” button, the page will reload telling you to close this window. Close this window and return to our editor. You will notice that the button has now turned into a “Continue” button. Clicking on this will get you to your photos.

From here, you can select different friends, and then select the album from which you would like to retrieve your photos. Choose the photos you would like to upload, click on “Add Selected Photos”, and they will be automatically entered into your photo tray. Please note that if their privacy settings are set to private, our editor will not be allowed to access those photos.

Hope this helps!


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