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Wedding Planning
Wedding Announcement Etiquette

Wedding Announcement Etiquette

The festivities have winded down and it’s time to spread the word that you are officially married. There’s no better place to design stylish and memorable Wedding Announcements than at Mixbook.

"Who Do I Send A Wedding Announcement To?"

Announcements can be sent by you or by a close family member to friends, work colleagues and even family members who missed your celebration. If you’ve had a small destination wedding, it’s appropriate to send out your good news to everyone you wish could’ve made the journey, but had to decline. In short, you can send an announcement to anyone you like – just skip the guests who actually came since they got to experience the revelries firsthand.

"What Do I Include In My Wedding Announcement?"

If you’re sending out your own announcement, be sure to share the date, place of your wedding – and perhaps even a photograph of the happy couple. Mixbook has numerous templates that make including this information easy.

A personalized pronouncement is also appropriate and can be as casual as:
We’re Married!
Welcome the New Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell!
Or as formal as:
Sarah Jamison White
Dallas Carey Johnson
are pleased to announce their marriage

If someone like a parent is sending out the good tidings, their name can be used instead:
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Garcia
have the honor of announcing
the marriage of their daughter
Olivia Grace
Mr. Thomas Wilde
Saturday, the first of June
two thousand fifteen
Hampsley Gardens
Portland, Maine

"When Do I Send My Wedding Announcement?"

Good manners dictate that your announcement can be sent as soon as the day after your wedding and as far off as a few months later. And don’t forget to get your thank you notes out in the same close timeframe as your announcements. Mixbook’s Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette can help you navigate those tricky waters. Be sure to check out Mixbook’s Wedding Thank You Cards, which make writing a note of gratitude for that 2nd blender infinitely easier!

Wedding Announcements

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