40-50% Off! Enjoy 40-50% Off Sitewide! Code: MDAY50 Ends: 4/24 Details

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40-50% Off! Enjoy 40-50% Off Sitewide! Code: MDAY50 Ends: 4/24 Details

Thank you for purchasing our Groupon!

After you are done creating your customized photo products, you will be able to apply your Groupon redemption code at checkout. Please note: additional shipping charges will apply. Please read our FAQs for more details.

Groupon FAQs

My voucher is not applying to my order!

These simple steps may help you apply your Groupon.
1) You may need to check that you are using the correct redemption code. This will be found on the printable .pdf file in your Groupon account. Please note that depending on the city your voucher is from, your code may be in the form of 0000000-0-1, 0000-XX, 00/0000, or it may be 8 letters identified as a Redemption Code.
2) Add your redemption code to the Coupon Code field at checkout and press "Apply" with your mouse.

If your redemption code is still not working, please e-mail your Groupon .pdf file to support@mixbook.com and we're happy to help you troubleshoot.

Where do I find my redemption code?

1) Log in to www.groupon.com
2) In the upper right hand corner of the Groupon site, click on the dropdown menu by your name.
3) Select the My Groupons link.
4) On the "My Stuff" page, click on Print or Print All.
5) This will open a printable .pdf file - your code will be here on the .pdf file.

What designs are included?

Since we offer completely customizable products, you can start your book, wall canvas, photo print, card or calendar order from any design. You can also start from a completely blank theme and customize your book, card, wall canvas, or calendar 100%. Please note: if your voucher is restricted to a specific product, please make sure you start your project in the applicable size, but if your voucher is for a dollar amount worth of products, it will apply to all products on our site at regular price.

What makes Mixbook so awesome?

  • We offer an intuitive digital scrapbook editor, that's easy to learn for newcomers and powerful for scrapbooking pros.
  • You can place photographs and text anywhere on your project – you are not restricted to preset layouts!
  • Full bleed printing allows your designs to print all the way to the edge of each page
  • Our products are printed on bookstore quality paper for a professional, heavyweight finish and feel.

What should I know before I get started?

As we offer completely customizable products, please check your project carefully. Ensure that all photos appear as you wish them to, including cropping and coloration, as we do not auto color correct photos. Double-checking your project will help ensure it is perfect :)

What's the expiration date on my voucher?

This limited time promotion is offered exclusively through a partnership with Groupon. The expiration date for this promotion will be listed on your voucher. After the expiration date, the promotional offer will expire and your voucher will be redeemable for the amount paid in Mixbook credit.

What does "Recipient Address" mean during checkout?

This is where your order will be sent. You will want to put your own name and address here, unless you are sending the order as a gift, in which case you can add your recipient's name and address.

Is shipping included?

Regular shipping charges will apply. You can see our shipping page here. Please note that your Groupon voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions, including free shipping promotions.

Can I combine two Groupons or offers?

We can accept one coupon code per transaction. Groupons cannot be combined with other Groupons, offers or site promotions.

How long does it take to get my order?

Your order will print in 1-2 business days. The total delivery time, including transit time, will be approximately 8-14 business days in the continental US. An estimated delivery day will be provided at checkout.

Do I have to use the entire voucher in one order?

Yes, please use your entire voucher in one transaction. We are not able to split your voucher into two or more orders.

Can I order more than one product?

Yes, you can definitely order more than one product with your Groupon voucher. For example, you can order one book and one calendar in the same order, and apply your Groupon voucher to both products. (Please note that your voucher will apply to the value of our products at regular price, and separate shipping charges will apply.)

What happens if the value of my order exceeds the amount of my Groupon?

If your product total exceeds the total value of your Groupon voucher, you only need to pay the difference.

Will you ship my order out directly to my friends and family?

Yes. You can have your order sent directly to a friend or family member. Regular shipping charges will apply.

My order has not arrived yet.

You should receive your order within 8-14 business days. Your updated order status will be found here: Account. If your order has shipped, but it has been 8 or more business days and your order has not arrived yet, please e-mail support@mixbook.com and we will help research and reprint your order if it is lost or significantly delayed.

I have an issue with my order.

Please contact us at support@mixbook.com and we'll review your order and make things right. If there is a printing error or damage to your order, attaching 1-2 photos showing the issue described or damage sustained will help us speed up the review process.

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can cancel or change your order within 2 hours. To cancel your order, please visit Account. To change your order, simply open your project and make edits within 2 hours of placing your order. Your changes will automatically be included. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel or change orders after 2 hours.

I have a question about this promotion that the FAQ does not answer.

We're happy to help you! Our support team is available 7 days a week. Just e-mail support@mixbook.com with your question. You can also reach us via Live Chat between 9-5 PST Monday through Friday - just click the Live Chat link at the top of your screen. Including your Groupon redemption code or .pdf voucher file will help us greatly as we research your inquiry.