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Austria, germany & Italy 2008

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Austria, germany & Italy 2008 - Page Text Content

S: Austria, Germany & Italy 2008

FC: Austria | Germany | Italy | 2 0 0 8

1: My 1st time flying went better than expected. | Roomy leg room | Great views. | Funny little meals. | Tiny Coke.

2: Yeah, just a little creepy. Look, they're playing chess & they don't even know it...well 2 of them are.... I think the 3rd is a tail. I was actually scared to go to the bathroom because of these things. | My gift from Gerda, a marzipan rose. Yum......marzipan..... Needless to say, I dry heaved when said gift was presented. | My cute little Austrian room for a month. The desk was filled with strange little drinks & treats! | My bed & that weird tapestry that I stared at every night. I swear they are strangling buzzards & making soup...Crazy Austrians. | My Austrian House! | Seppi's Room

3: Reutte, Tyrol. Austria | My super sweet ride | The local fire Station. | The local Police. | The Train Station. | The racist running for mayor, He strives for that "Turk free" Austria. Yikes! | The one fast food joint.

4: My first day in Austria! Gerda took me on a cable car that took us 1/4 way up Hahnenkamm, a 1973m mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps.. Our destination was a radio tower at the top, aka: "just a little hike". | That there is the look of exhaustion. | We met some hang-gliders & hiked mid way up with them. Unbeknownst to me, I was dying from the thin air & making any excuse to stop. I even made the hang glider take our picture......Brilliant stall technique! | Only 3/4 more to go!

5: The last of the plant life before the top. Flowers only found in the Austrian Alps! I only found this out after I stepped on a patch of them followed by a harsh talking to...... Well, German speakers always sound harsh, but this felt particularly harsh.

6: Gerda was having a fit. that I was standing so close to the cliff edge. but I could hear cow bells & I needed to find the source. Haha. | Almost to the top... Another one of those perfect moments to stop for pictures.

7: The Beautiful Kitzbühel Alps.. | As an afterthought, a backpack might have been more appropriate for this trip. | The absolute top!

8: The Plansee | One of my top destinations to see whilst in Tyrol, Austria & we almost drove right past it.!

9: The the cable car that took us up to the highest mountain that borders between Austria & Germany The Zugspitze 2962m! | Me & Seppi...freezing! | Posing with some lederhosen-cladden Germans. What hearty boys, it was freezing up there! | Look! The Plansee! | There are so many rules in Germany....... & Bratwurst

10: Ehrenberg Castle Ruins Built in the 13th century. | That was a hard & treacherous hike. If you look carefully, I left my purse at the top.

11: Where the knights used to have meetings & feasts.....it was locked. | Attempting to pull out the sword, whilst not showing cleavage. | Damn Purse.

12: One of my favourite places to be: The Urisee. | The most amazing freezing turquoise water I have ever seen.

13: My 1st time here, I sat on a rock & quietly nibbled my pretzel as I took in the lush foliage & crystal blue water. I turned my head ever so slightly & staring back at me was a naked German's nether-regions. Apparently, he decided to take a chilly dip & stood exactly eye-level in my vicinity. Interesting....very, interesting.

14: A place I commonly frequented I found the grave-keepers bathroom to be very convenient for those über rich & creamy Austrian dishes, thus causing my intestines to counterattack in an almost militant fashion. | Vending machine candles. | Day 3 & this guys still here.

16: Fritz took me on a day-trip to Bavaria, Germany 19th Century Neuschwanstein Castle Which translates to The Swan Stone castle...... just in case you were wondering. | The shuttle that took us to the top. Packed in like a tin of Vienna sausages, the driver manically careened up the incline. Luckily, I was too preoccupied to notice, what with the foreigner severely groping my naughty bits & such! Should have taken the horses. | Posing with Fritz! | The steep road we had to hike for 15 minutes..... Along the way, we passed elders chest clutching & gasping for breath. It was a hard climb, but fun. | The vice-like clench on the railing tells you the suspension bridge was high.

17: 19th century Linderhof Palace | In the Grotto | Helicopters flew over & I thought we were being attacked! Those Germans have been known to be sneaky. | The swan, which earlier bit an old Bavarian woman who swiftly smacked the swan upside the head. Those Germans, they pity no fowl.

18: Day trip with Fritz to Innsbruck, Austria | Great view from the top of the ski slope. The massive graveyard is a gentle reminder to land on your feet. | Bergisel Ski Jump. | The Golden Roof. Built in 1500. I didn't see the big deal. | The tram up to Alpen Zoo

20: A 1.5 hour hike up Durrenberger? No prob. | Yah, so not 1.5 hours.....It was a stair-master to nowhere! | When I got home I was told that this hike was VERBOTEN!!! What if I fell off a cliff?! No one would understand my English screams of help & I would surely die. Anyways, nice view of the village of Reutte. | Good thing I was supplied with Almdudler & pretzel! | These little prayer-type things are everywhere. You could be in the most remote area & there's a crucifix staring at you. I soon found out why these things are everywhere,: to pray for the air to return to your oxygen deprived bursting lungs....just saying.

21: Here we go, for another another "little walk" | Destination: Somewhere up there. | Alms are rest places for weary hikers to relax, drink & eat...so naturally, I was excited. | I ordered vegetable-based flat things served to me with great quandary as to why no meat product was included & Gerda ordered the Schnitzel. We were given Schnapps to warm us up so I knocked it back like a pro. Holding back a burn-induced choke, I looked around the table to see stares of disbelief. Apparently, Austrian's enjoy their Schnapps for medicinal properties, unlike their unruly German neighbours who only drink to get drunk. Embarrassing much?!

22: Adorned in hard hats & lovely matching jackets that smelled of cheeses & feet, we entered the biggest silver mine of the Middle Ages. | The little trains that took us 1/2 mile down the mine! The straddling nature of the seats were a tad uncomfortable..... Or could it have been the fact that a 70 year old Austrian had me clenched betwixt his thighs like I was a prized thoroughbred racing the Kentucky Derby. | My view on the train. | Informatively boring mine information, via translator phone.... Couldn't look cooler if I tried. | Schwaz Silver Mine Where apparently, we are pretty darn interesting.

23: Swarovski was crazy, nothing made sense but it was sure sparkly! | I was bored... then I got presents! | Münze Hall the birthplace of the dollar & the thaler, the largest coin in the world... but for some reason I couldn't find it. I got to make my own coin though!

24: Pilgrimage up to Locheboden church. Well, I don't think driving up out of sheer laziness is considered a pilgrimage. | Making a wish on the virginal Mary Wishing Stone. | Bottled holy water...... good price. | Dinner consisted of ball-forms, gelatinous salty paste & hard bits...Mmm. | I was fascinated by the mole hills. Then I was told the monks beat the moles with shovels....peace be with you.

25: We celebrated Oktoberfest in Innsbruck in a big Bratwurst smelling tent full of drunk Austrians singing beer songs to a local polka band compete with 2 accordions. | Fritz bought me this cookie! Later, to his horror, I tried to eat it. Apparently, .it was intended as a door hanging only.... Obviously. | Oktoberfest! | Pretzels & wienerwurst

26: My many bike trips to Phlac River. | My favourite Austrian beverage! | Wolf tracks!

27: Where the cows wear toupees. | My 3 buddies. | The little village of Phlac. | Candy machines on the side of buildings?! There is Nien crime here!

28: Gramais The smallest village in Austria. with a population of 70... .I saw 2. | The houses were built in 1472 & stained with ox blood for preservation. | The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist & until 1650 the dead were carried over the mountains where they were sepulchred.

29: My short stint in Munich. | Marianplatz Ratskeller. | The Glockenspiel. | Basically, I spent all my time happily frolicking the Munich Zoo. I had a blast all by my lonesome. | This gorilla actually laughed at a kid... I later had nightmares. | Orangutan enthralled with a baby in a stroller. It later peed on the baby's mom's back.

30: Where, apparently, we ate a lot... & frequently. | Nutella! Tomas was in heaven. | I met up with Tomas in Duino, Italy | Rap concert. | Real Italian Pizza! | We asked for tap water.

31: Tomas clearly breaking Rule #5. | The many rules | I was having fun until I found out about the toilets.....or lack there of!!! | Vespas, as far as the eye can see! | Me, being me.

32: I toured, hiked, frolicked & in the end.... got lost.

33: I swear, the highlight of my Italy trip was stealing a pomegranate off a cantankerous old Italian man's tree & the Starbuck's on the way home. | My bursting bladder & the lack of any ability to communicate with the Italians that I needed a bathroom plus the fact that I had nowhere to stay for the night was good enough reason for me to ditch Tomas and get the helloutta Italy. I ended up at the train station & caught the next train back to Austria....without telling Tomas.

34: Liebes Rot Flüh. The weirdest restaurant ever: Made to look like we were eating in the middle of a tiny village square. There was morning with fog & sunrise, noon with thunder & rain storms, & night with sunset, stars & moon. Pretty Cool. | Me with my spaetzle & Fritz with his rack'o'lamb looking menacing. | Seppi & Gerda.

35: My last day in Reutte & there was a town celebration....I was honored. | Me & some wenches. | Somehow I ended up looking dopier than him & he's the one wearing the lederhosen! | Glühwein & roasted chestnuts! My absolute favourite! | Traditional acts. | Poppa Fritz!

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