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Children book

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FC: The history book!

1: Ancient River Valley Civilization | The ancient civilizations all layed on major rivers.One major was the fertile cresent.It was so rich in soil and near a river it was shaped like the cresent you would see on the moon.Sumerians created irrigation which helped water reach the crops.they were the first to introduce an empire.they also had many gods which is polythesim a better word for it.Empire was controlled by one man and was passed down to his son which is called a dynasty.

2: If people hadn't learned how to farm the ideas of having surplus food for trading wouldn't.Also they would rely heavily on hunting and gathering and which the people would be nomadic. | What if ?

3: Classical Greece/Rome | The Greeks embraced democracy which is where the people rule while Rome was a republic.Greeks relied on trade because they didn't have much farmland.Rome's republic was a government of people who could vote and have power.They were also known for having gladiaters who were professional fighters,but often they were prisoners.Greeks had their plays of comedy.Scenes filled with situations and crude humor.

4: What if ? | If Athens did not embrace democracy the very laws we have today would be based on something different.More nations would have been a dictatorship.Without democracy freedom of speech and rights a man would have would maybe came in the renaissance era.

5: Post classical-Asia/ Africa | Whilst Europe and Western Asia were torn by religious differences, the Mongols had only the vaguest of religious beliefs. Several of the tribes of Turkestan which had launched offensives westwards towards Persia and Arabia, came to adopt Islam, and Islam had spread far across Central Asia, but the Mongolians had not. These nomadic people had mastered archery and horseback riding. They conquered huge areas of Asia under the leadership of Genghis Khan, but they stayed successful after the fall of him. In 1368, the Ming Dynasty came into power. The Mongolians had done their best to keep trade minimum by way of the Silk Road, but eventually they gave it up.

6: What if? | If the Mongolians hadn't opened the silk road for trade, they would still be benefiting from the supplies for them self and this wold help some of the dynasties might have been much stronger for much longer. And some of the worlds alliances wouldn't be the the same because of not having this trade

7: The Black Plague was one of the worst natural disasters in history. In 1347 A.D., a great plague swept over Europe, ravaged cities causing widespread hysteria and death. One third of the population of Europe died. "The impact upon the future of England was greater than upon any other European country." The main cause of the widespread of pure death was small black mice. | Post Classical (Mid-evil) Europe

8: What if? | If the Black Plague did not hit Europe, the economy of Europe would be much stronger and they would be a much stronger world power, because they are still effected by it today.

9: Renaissance/Reformation | The great renaissance which means rebirth was a time of art and learning.Powerful people were usually merchants and artist.One thing studied by the renaissance men was humanism. Which was the achievements of a person doing good deeds/and potential.A man who excelled in many fields was called a renaissance man.Reformation which is a religious reform also came into play.

10: What if ? | If Gutenburg hadn't invented the printing press the first full-size book wouldn't been invented.New ways for news to reach the public would of came later.Someone would of took his shine for inventing the printing press.

11: Enlightenment/Revolutions | In this peroid scholars took ancient thinkers ideas and challenged them.The scientific revolution also happened.It means to think a new way about the world.Galileo an important man who brought us the scientific method.A logical procedure for gathering and testing ideas.Enlightenment thinkers usually saw what was best for their country and acted on it.If they didn't like their ruler they would rebel and start a revolution.Revolution means to overthrow who's in power and start up an new government.John locke brought us natural rights,which is life,liberty,and property.

12: What if ? | If the industrial revolution happened in Germany they would of won the trench war and world wars and controlled all of Europe.they also would've succeded in killing all the Jews in the holocaust.Also communism would be strong in Europe.

13: WWI | August 1st 1914, Germany declared war on Russia. 2 days later Germany declares war on France, and invaded Belgium. This kicked WWI off and everything was going smoothly for Germany until they made a Terrible mistake... They got USA involved and 1 year and 2 months later, Germany surrendered. Germany was blamed for the entire war, and they had to pay a huge amount of money to restore all damages and they were obviously infuriated and this set the stage for WWII

14: What if | If Germany wasn't solely blamed for WWI there might not have been a WWII, because a lot of the cause of their first invasion was because of flaring tempers between Germany, Hitler, and the rest of the world.

15: Cold War | During the cold war it was the u.s fighting Russia.Nato was formed during the war.Nato us short for north Atlantic treaty organization.We also was in a space race against Russia.Countries that didn't reject communism is called the Truman doctrine.Also the creation of the Marshall plan.Which provides food,machines,and other materials since Western Europe lied in ruins.The soviet union created the Warsaw pact.An alliance treaty with other nations. | USA | Russia

16: What if ? | If the soviet union had landed on the moon first they would of taken the step for man kind.It would seem that they would be alot more advance in that area and would own the sattlites we have today in space.They also would of changed the course of military weapons before we have.

17: What if ? | If the U.S had not bombed Japan with the atomic bomb, the u.s and Japan's diplomatic relationship could have been much better, and also the war might have went on for many more years.

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