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Famous American Biographies

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S: Important American Biographies

FC: Important Americans By Mr. Levine's Social Studies Class 2009-2010

1: Thomas Edison - 2 Bill Bradley - 3 Jim Thorpe - 4 Anthony Wayne - 5 Yo Yo Ma - 6 Georgia O'Keeffe - 7 Beverly Clearly - 8 Martin Luther King, Jr. - 9 Robert E. Lee - 10 Allan Pinkerton - 11 Bill Cosby - 12 Stonewall Jackson - 13 Levi Strauss - 14 Laura Ingalls Wilder - 15 Bill Gates - 16 Benjamin Franklin - 17 Bill Peet - 18 | Hellen Keller - 19 Jim Bridger - 20 Neil Armstrong - 21 Harry Houdini - 22 Henry Ford - 23 Amelia Earhart - 24 James J. Audubon - 25 Betsy Ross - 26 Mary Jane McLeod - 27 Charles Lindbergh - 28 Alexander Graham Bell - 29 Nellie Bly - 30 Mary Cassatt - 31 Dr. Seuss - 32 Emma Edmonds - 33 Duke Ellington - 34 Babe Didrikson Zaharias - 35 Steven Spielberg - 36 | Table of Contents

2: Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor and a great person. People sometimes called him “The wizard of Menlo Park” because his inventions seemed almost magical. Without him we wouldn’t have electric lights, TVs, or cars. Thomas became ill in 1931, and on October 18, he died when he was sleeping at age 84. There are some colleges named after him like the Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, New Jersey. The United States Congress made February 11, Thomas’s birthday, National Inventor’s day. There is also the Edison Award for Electrical engineering, but in Netherlands, it is for music.

3: Bill Bradley is important because he was an amazing basketball player for some time, and after a very good senator. After he was a senator he almost became president but lost the vote. Even though he lost the vote to become president he won more than lost in his life and worked hard at everything he did.

4: Jim Thorpe was very interesting; he was one of the greatest sports phenomenons in the world at that time because he knew what it was like to lose a loved one and because he knew that he could do anything. Anyone could if they tried hard to accomplish whatever they were trying to get accomplished. He has many great achievements like going to the N.F.L and going to the Olympic games. Do you think he was interesting?

5: Anthony Wayne was an important American because he was the hero of many battles in the Revolutionary War. He fought with George Washington and led Pennsylvania to many victories. Mad Anthony was an interesting person because he was so brave to risk his life for many other lives. He didn’t want to give up even if they lost land. Wayne kept trying until everything was straightened out and ok.

6: Yo-Yo Ma has done many things in his career, including winning huge prizes, playing for royalty and presidents, giving unforgettable performances, and recording C.D.s. He is a busy person, yet he still finds time to introduce children to playing the ‘cello and helping them. He is a world famous ‘cellist and a kind friend to many people. Anyone who hears the sweet sound of his ‘cello is drawn to the music, and wants to hear more. He has accomplished so many things in the past, who knows what he will do in the future?

7: Georgia O’Keeffe’s life experience and art work set an example for many people around the world. She inspired people to follow their dreams even if they seem impossible. Her art work was unique because of the bright colors and the way she magnified her paintings. She was an interesting person because of her way of looking at art and her art works difference to other painter's art work. But overall, Georgia O’Keeffe was a talented person and painter.

8: Beverly Clearly is very important because she wrote many award winning and enjoyable children's books that are read by children around the world. She loves to makes kids happy and laugh.

9: Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most loving and peaceful people to have ever lived. He fought without fighting and lead peaceful marches and protests to fight segregation. He led and spoke at the March on Washington D.C. He spoke the “ I have a dream” the speech. One of the powerfulness and best speeches of all time. He also lead the 382-day bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama so that the city bus lines would not be as segregated. He married Correta Scott King and they had a family together. When he died the last words ever said to him were “he never hated anybody.” Those words were said to him by his Father.

10: Robert E. Lee was a commander in the Civil War. He commanded the South in great battles. He was a good commander because he cared about his soldiers and did his best not to let them die. Every soldier was important to him. Lee defeated the North many times. He defeated them in almost every battle. Robert E. Lee had a great life. He did lots of things. He had a happy life. Robert E. Lee died in 1870.

11: Pinkerton was a very interesting man from his birth to his death. He was very loyal man to his country. He was most known for his narratives and cases as a detective. When he died, his two sons took up the detective business and ran his detective agency. He is remembered for his detective narratives and his work as a detective.

12: Bill Cosby is an all rounder that can do almost anything he puts his mind to. He is very funny and cracks jokes at the right time. He is one of the best comedians in the world. He has helped a lot of kids get a better education.

13: Stonewall Jackson was a brave General who was an expert at military strategies and tactics. He had a rough child with both of his parents dying when he was just a little boy. He was able to overcome many hardships to become a very famous Civil War hero. He deserved a reputation of a stonewall long before he was given it. Americans will always remember Stonewall Jackson.

14: Levi did some very important things in his life, but his greatest legacy was the invention of the 501 jeans. To this day, people all over the world of all ages wear Levi Strauss jeans. In 1994, Levi was inducted into the Business Hall of Fame. Overall, Levi left a big mark in the culture of clothing by inventing jeans which are an America symbol.

15: After writing nine books, Laura died on February 10, 1957, three days after her 90th birthday because of diabetes. She had an amazing and challenging life. Laura Ingalls Wilder helped children learn more about life on the prairie. Laura set a good example for people everywhere by not giving up.

16: With the creation of Microsoft, Bill Gates’ dream of a computer in every office and in every home containing his software has nearly come true. Using intelligence and hard work, Bill Gates has become a billionaire. He uses his fortune to help people prepare for the next generation of world citizens, by building schools and keeping children healthy. Through charities, he has helped improve the lives of people less fortunate around the world. Thanks to Microsoft it also allowed me to type this report!

17: Now, thanks to Benjamin Franklin, we can see better because of the bifocal glasses he invented, and be protected from lightning because of the lightning rod he invented. Without him, we wouldn’t have electricity. Organizing the first fire company in America saved many lives. He founded one of today’s best colleges, which provided a good education for many kids. Benjamin Franklin changed our world in many ways. He was one of the world’s most important people.

18: Bill Peet was very creative and he worked for Disney Studios for many years. There he made many movies and also won many awards. When Bill quit Disney he became a Children’s author. Even though he isn’t known that much he is still very important and interesting. Bill was a very cool man.

19: Although Helen Keller was blind and deaf she was very successful. She published many articles and books. Helen was frequently asked to talk to people who admired her and what she accomplished. “Keep trying no matter how hard it gets” is the lesson that Helen followed and used to succeed. Helen is known for learning so much when she was blind and deaf. She learned how to read, write, and was on her way to speaking. People really thought about how hard she worked on her books, articles, and her process of learning.

20: Jim Bridger was special to the United States because was a guide in the West. He loved the West so much that when he sat on his deck at his farmhouse he always looked out at the West. As a guide he opened lots of trails and helped settle parts of Wyoming. If you ever go to Wyoming, Montana, or Utah, you can think about Jim Bridger. He lastly made it easier to travel by foot in the West and made it safer to travel in the West. Thanks to his bravery we can enjoy Yellowstone Park and all of the other places he helped become better communities.

21: Neil Armstrong was a very different person after the moon, and he is still changing today. He will never be the same after such an eventful life. He doesn’t like publicity, so he doesn’t talk to the press that much. If he does anything interesting or important, you are not likely to hear about it. Neil Armstrong was a very important man, and there will be no one who can accomplish what he did.

22: Harry Houdini wasn’t as important as a president, or maybe an army general, but he was still important because he astonished people with his magic, and he helped entertain American troops during World War I. He was interesting because he had a horrible childhood, but he still became very famous and successful. It is also really fascinating that he could sew with his toes.

23: The power and fame that Henry Ford gained as a business man provided him the opportunity to run for a Senate seat of the state of Michigan. He failed in this effort, but he continued to help people. He helped people during the Great Depression by setting up a lab that employed thousands of workers, which was very helpful at the time. Also, he set up a new school to train high school graduates who couldn't find work. Henry devoted much of his time and money to charitable works by making Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford museum. He started the Ford Foundation in 1936, whose mission was to aid scientific, educational, and other undertakings to help the common man’s life. As you can see Henry Ford did many things to help people, evolve how the world lives, and how business is conducted today.

24: Amelia Earhart is famous for her many awards. She holds many records to this day. She loved to fly and only wanted to fly. She is known across the world and if you went up to anybody and said “Do you know who Amelia Earhart is?” They will most likely say, “Yes. Doesn't everybody?” Amelia Earhart was an amazing lady.

25: James J. Audubon changed the way we look at art, and has published an amazing book of birds of America. He taught many art classes, and caught many different specimens of birds. James J. Audubon was a truly amazing artist and explorer!

26: Betsy Ross is remembered for her self-control, respect and honesty. She was remarried a couple of times, but it didn't stop her from accomplishing her goal of making our first flag. Whenever we look at the United States flag, it reminds us of Betsey Ross, and how important she was in our history.

27: Mary McLeod Bethune was a persistent Christian that always had the dream to be a missionary. She visited Africa a few times and had the time of her life. She also felt as though she had achieved her goal. I have learned that whatever you put your mind to and trust in God for you can accomplish. Ms. Bethune, as one person, made a big difference. I wish she was still living to see what she changed in America.

28: Charles Lindbergh did many amazing things. He flew nonstop from New York to Paris in 33 hours and 30 minutes. He spoke out for endangered species and the environment. He flew all around the world for many other great reasons. All those great achievements are what really made Charles Lindbergh a hero. Reporters followed Charles and watched whatever he did. Everyone was always on his trail. Even in his grave, Charles Lindbergh cannot escape the eyes of the public.

29: Alexander Bell was a great man. He worked hard to invent things that would make people's lives easier. He invented the telephone. Almost everyone in the country uses a telephone of some sort. He made the bullet probe, which lead to the x-ray and the metal detector. He helped invent the hydrofoil boat. Without him you wouldn't get those National Geographic magazines delivered tin your mail box every month or be able to buy those National Geographic movies that you like. Without Alexander, a lot of things you like wouldn't exist. This man deserves a lot of thanks.

30: Nellie Bly was an important person because she taught people that if you try your hardest and never stop trying, you can succeed in life. Nellie wrote articles that helped change laws, she brought suffering to people's attention, she helped set the way for women to succeed, and showed people that women can do things just as well as men.

31: Mary Cassatt had to overcome many obstacles in her life but she did it. In the 19th century most women had no jobs. Women could be homemakers, wives, and mothers. They could only do embroidery, musicianship, or sketching. After two years of drawing she was finally permitted to paint. She was the first American to associate with the Impressionists. She was the only American to exhibit with them. In the late 1900’s Mary Cassatt's eyes were failing. Mary Cassatt had eye surgery. She abandoned printmaking after 1914. Then she stopped painting. Mary Cassatt was blind during World War I. Mary Cassatt died June 14, 1926. She was one of the greatest American artists.

32: Dr. Seuss was a wonderful inspiration to all people young and old for generations to come. He will be most remembered as an important American for his children's books and his ability to make learning to read fun for children and parents because of his great rhymes and crazy, wacky illustrations. Another reason he is an important American is for his great cartoons and films. Some people said he had the mind of a child but the body of an adult.

33: Emma Edmonds lived a very interesting life. She was a determined and courageous woman. She will be remembered for her work as a spy who successfully completed eleven missions by the end of her career. Emma proved that if you work hard, you can do anything.

34: Duke Ellington is important and interesting because he achieved his goals and became the most amazing jazz artist of his time. Plus, he moved from a middle class to an upper class family, which is really hard to do. People remember him today because some of his great music can still be found at your local music store! Anyone who gives a lot of effort in his or her goals, and works hard all the time could easily become just like him.

35: Babe Didrikson Zaharias was and till is indescribable in words. Without her thoughts and contributions, the LPGA would not be around and new stars in the golf world would not be known. Named best female athlete of the half century in 1950, Babe Didrikson Zaharias was and still is a phenomenon and incredible athlete. To this day we remember a true star was born and what an incredible athlete Babe Didrikson Zaharias was.

36: Steven Spielberg has directed and produced some of the most exciting and popular movies of all time. He directed films that were filled with creativity, comedy, horror, and seriousness. These films not only won him many honors and awards but also stimulated the minds and imaginations of millions of moviegoers worldwide. The profits made from these films have been used by Steven to establish many philanthropic efforts and causes promoting world piece.

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