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romeo & juliet

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S: Our Wedding

FC: romeo & juliet

1: what things are introduced in the first prolouge? they introduce how the families hate eachother and how romeo and juliet make a feeble attempt on reuniting their families by getting married

2: setting doesn't just include locating it also includes the time the circumstances of the chracters the social structure and many other issues summerize the setting of the story as a outlined by the prologue it tells us that it takes place in the city verona wich in italy and it was in the renasounts time.

3: william shakespear

4: choose three words or phrases that you encountered in the prologue that seemed confusing or difficult *misadventured *piteous *mend

8: 1)Who is paris? Paris is a rich old guy trying to marry juliet and trying to find a cover for his book ! 2)What impression do we get of lord capulet? How does he feel about juliet getting married? He is a good father and he wants paris to wait 2 more years before he marries juliet and her father wants her to be happy to the guy she marries! | Act i Scene 2

9: 3)How much power does juliet have over her own life? Not very much because she is getting married off to a guy she doesn't like. . 4)How does peter the capulet servant provide comic releif in this scene? Peters high stung persanality and outburst and how he gives romeo the idea to crash the part.

10: 5)Why does romeo decide to crash the capulet party?does shakespear provide any foreshadowing of future events? Romeo decides to crash the party because he sees roselins name on the list. Yes shakespear is basically telling us that benvolio is trying to make romeo forget about roselin and meet other girls.

11: 6)How does juliet feel about marriage? How does she feel about paris? Juliet doesn’t dream about getting married. Juliet is willing to marry paris only if her dad tells her but other then that she doen’t want to marry paris!. 7)Descibe the nurse. The nurse is a women who always tells dirty jokes and only has 4 teeth .

12: ACT 1 Scene 5 1)why did shakespear include the scene with the servants? Because the other actors need time to switch into their clothes for the next scene. 2)what was ironic about romeos entrance to the party? he love roseline this whole time and when he walks into the party and then he shes juliet and thinks shes prettier then forgets about roseline? 3) what happens when tybalt hears romeos voice? tybalt tells his servant to grab his sword and the capuliet see's this and tell him to cut it out because romeo hasen't done anything

13: 4)how does romeo convince juliet to kiss him so quickly? romeo tells juliet that she has lovely hands and he wants to kiss them. she tells him a hand shake is good enough. then he stars to play mind games with he rand gets her confused and then kisses her without permissoin. he then tells her he perched his sin adn she says she now has the sin and so he uses that as an excuse to kiss her again. 5)what foreshadowing do we get at the end of act 1 scene 5? tybalt wants to get revenge on romeo for crashing the party wich he didn't and aslo juliet tells tyblat that since his married her grave might as well be her wedding bed?

14: act 2 scene 1 & 2 1)where do mercutio and benvolio think romeo is hiding? mercutio thinks romeo is hiding in the bushes but with roseline. Romeo is hiding in the bushes but he is not with anybody. 3)what things does romeo compare to juliet? romeo compares juliety to the moon, the stars, and the sun. 4)why does shakespear make mercutio and benvolio talk about "physical love" in the scene right before the belcony scene, where roemo and juliet talk about emotional love? mercutio talks about physical love because mercuutio is jelouse because romeo is in "love" with roseline, so murcutio want to make it seem

15: like roseline is a person who is always sleeping around. 5)a famous line from this scene is "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" what does this mean? it means that even though we call something by a diffrent name it will still be the same as it was before it's name was changed. 6)what does roemo swear hi slove by? why does juliet not like this? romeo swears his love by the moon and juliet doesn't like it because the moon changes postion every month, so juliet doesn't want romeo's love to change. 7)who proposes? what is the plan? juliet tricks romeo into marring her, and the plan is that juleit will send a messenger in the morning to ask romeo when and where the wedding will be held.

16: act 2 scene 3

17: 1)What does romeo go and do immediatley after leaving juliet? Romeo goes to see friar lawrence to ask him if he could marry him and juliet. 2)What does friar lawrence think about romeo's sudden change in love intrest? friar thinks that romeo isn't really in "love" and in just going out with juliet for her looks as he did with rosaline. 3)What does friar lawrence think about romeo's suggestion?Why does he agree to help? he thinks that romeo's suggestion about getting married to juliet is a great idea because he thinks that if romeo is to marry juliet he thinks that it will stop the fighting between the montagues and the capuliet's.

18: ACT 2 SCENE 4

19: 1)What has happened as a result of the party crashing? Tybalt was bitter because he couldn't fight Romeo at the party so he decided to fight him later. 2)What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why? Murcutio calls Tyblat "The prince of cat's" and the prince of cats means a good swordmens so basically he is calling Tyblat a good swiord fighter. 3)why is murcito so crude when describing romeo's night? Murcutio is crude when describing romeo's night because Murcutio is jelious that Romeo is going out with roseline and Murcutio likes romeo. 4)how does murcito treat the nurse? he does not like the nurse. He thinks she is just a dirty old women. 5)What is intresting about the way the nurse and peter talk to one another? They speak in long full sentances. They don'tspeak imabic contamanotor wich means their not fully educated. 6)what do the nurse and romeo descide to do regrading the marriage In about an hour roemo and juleit will get married, and after that the nurse will give romeo a ladder so he can climb into julliet's room and spend the night with his new wife!. 7)what is the mood of this scene? i think the mood on this scene is happy and sortta jeliously.

20: ACT 2 SCENE 5

21: 1)what happens in this scene? julliet is getting frustrated because the nurse is not telling her what romeo siad about the wedding. 2)why does the nurse torture juliet the way she does? the nurse is torturing juliet bcause she was the one who had to walk across town just to see romeo.

22: act 2 scene 6

23: 1)what happens in this scene? In this scene friar lawrence marries romeo and juliet. 2)analyze friar lawrence’s speech to romeo not really bubbly pre-wedding type speech is it? Friar lawrence's speech is negitive and not the type of speech that some people would want at their wedding.

24: Act 3 Scene 1 | 1)what heppens between tyblat and murcutio? Tybalt and murcutio get into this big sword fight and after romeo butted in and tried to sop them but hen tybalt stabbed murcutio from the side. | 2) what does romeo do in relation? Romeo is really mad at tybalt for killing his best friend murcutio, so he wants to kill tybalt.

25: 3)How does roemo's own choices lead him to his own downfall? If romeo were to never to crash that party then myabe tybalt woulden't be wanting to kill him. | 4) What creates a tragic hero? A tragic hero is someone who has a fatal flaw that he keeps repeating. | 5) What is Romeos fatal flaw? Romeos fatal flaw is he doesn't think things through he just goes ahead and does them. | 6) What happens after the fight between romeo and tybalt? after romeo killed tybalt benvolio tells romeo to run before the prince comes and so roemo goes to see friar lawrence. | 7) How is this the turning point in the story? Romeo has to leave, Juliet is all sad and she tells the nurse she can no longer live if her Romeo is dead.

26: Act 3 Scene 2 | 1) Whats the confusion in this scene? The confusion in this scene is juliet is awaiting on romeo but she doesn't know that romeo has killed her cusin and got banished from verona. | 2) List four examples of antithesis that shakespear uses in this scene.why does he use antithesis here? the

27: 3) What does juliet feel about what romeo has done? Juliet doesn;'t seem to really care that Tybalt is dead but she is sad that Roemo had been bansihed. | 4) How does Juliet react when the nurse scoled roemo?what did this say on juliets veiw her marriage?juliet said she hopes the nurse gets sores on her tounge for sai=ying "shame on romeo". Juliet hasd only been m,arried to romeo for only 3 hours and she is in so much love with Romeo. | 5) What does the nurse decide to do? The nurse decides to go and get romeo for juliet and sneak him into her room before he goes off to verona.

28: Act 3 Scene 3 | 1) What is the relationship between Friar Lawrence and Romeo? The relationship between Friar Lawrence and Romeo is like a father and son. I think it's that just by the way he treats Romeo, and the fact Romeo goes to him when he's in trouble.

29: 2) How deos romeo show that he is still foolhardy and willng to put emotion before logic? Romeo say's he would rather die, wich he got away with getting killed for killing Tybalt | 3) What is the Friar suggestion to make things right? He suggests that Romeo should go to Juliets house and have his wedding night and sneak off in the morning. | 4) How does the scene end? Romeo is all happy because he gets to go off to juliets house and have his wedding night, The nurse promises that she will make sure that no one will disturbs them.

30: Act 3 Scene 4

31: 2) What was capulets only concern about this? what does this tell us about his relationship between him and his daughter? capulets only concern was. | 1) what has been decided regarding juliets fate? Since Juliet is "SAD" fro Tybalts death her parents will not make her marry paris thta day but instead they said she will marry him on thursday.

32: Act 3 Scene 5 | 1) What is the significants abot "larks" and "nightingales" in this scene? Romeo says he hears the larks singing. wich mean its morning. Juliet tells him its the nightengales. wich means its still dark out. If romeo are to stay longer he would get killed but juliet doesn't want him to go. After a bit she then agres its the larks and tells romeo to leave. | 2) What super obvious foreshadowing does Shakespearegive us as Romeo leaves? Its basically telling us what is going to happen next. | 3) How does juliet react to her mothers announcement? She is using double meanings and is telling her mom if she is to marry, she will marry her enemy Romeo.

33: 4) How does capuliet react to juliets acceptance or lack thereof? What is the ultimatum does he give her? When Juliet tells her dad that she will not marry Paris her dad goes sycho on her. he tells Juliet that she eaither marries Paris or he will kick her out on the streets and never see or speak to her again. | 5) Quote one of the lines you feel that proves capuliets not a good father. These lines prove that capuliet is not a good father "I will drag thee ona hurdle thither out, you green-sickness carrion! out you baggege you tallow face. that line right there proves he is not a good father at all. | 6)What does juliet tell the nurse? Is this truth or a lie? What do you believe she will do?she tells the nurse that she is going to go to friar lawrences chamber, and pray for forgiveness for fighting with her father. but i think its just a lie

34: Act 4 Scene 1 | 1) why is pais at the church? What does he tell the friar? He is at the church to tell friar lawrence to marry him and juliet on thursday morning. | 2) How does Juliet use double entendres in this scene? She is trying to tell him don't call me wife until were married, she is also telling him don't call me wife because im already married, Without saying it outloud.

35: 3) How does Juliet mirror the actions on Romeo? Who was in the very same place just the day before? she is talking about killing her self and being all wimpy. Romeo was at the church just the day before, talking about killing himself. | 4) What are some things Juliet would rather do than marry paris? she said she would rather be chaind to a roaring bear, Barried under roting bones, jump off a high tower, and those are what she would rather do then marry him. | 5) Outline Friar Lawrences plan in detail step by step. She will go home and tell her parents that she will marry friar adn pretend to be happy about it and after she tells them she will go to her room and drink the poision, the posion slows down her heartbeat till you can barley see it, it takes out the color in her skin, and also it slows down your breathing.

36: Act 4 Scene 2 | 1) Why is the servant blathering on about cooks who licks their fingers? He says cooks who licks their fingers think their food is good, the cooks who don't lick their fingers are scared to test their food. So basically if you don't lick your fingers your food is awful, if you lick your fingers your food is yummy.

37: 2) What is an unexpected result of juliet telling her father she'll marry paris? When juliet tells her father that she will marry paris. Al of a sudden her father is happy and decides to move the wedding to wedesday.

38: Act 4 Scene 3 | 1) Juliet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple reasons name them. Juliet doesn't want to take the poisonm because she afraid that Romeo will not make it, She also fears that if romeo doesn't come she will be put inside a coffin, she will awake and she will be scared and start to hyperfenolate and die inside there.

39: 2) What things does she imagine that finally convinces her to drink the poison? Juliet decides to drink the poison because she was only doing this to be with Romeo.

40: act 4 scene 4

41: 1) what is this scene all about? In this scene juliet "DIES" and the parents are upset that juliet had to day on her wedding day. Peter gets mad at the musicians because they won't play a song that he wants them to play.

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