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Virginia History

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FC: Virginia History Katherine coleman

1: In 1607 three ships landed on a peninsula which is now call Jamestown the three ships were called Discovery Sauna Constant and Godspeed

2: The four reasons they moved to Jamestown are because they thought they there was clean drinking water but there was not.They also thought it would defend well against the Spanish.Jamestown had deep enough water to dock.

3: They also wanted to increase there wealth and power. | Thy wanted gold and silver too.

4: There also were 4 hardships one is dirty drinking water. | Also there was no food so they starved.

5: Another hardship is Indians because they killed the English. | The last hardship is disease.

6: There was 4 important people in Jamestown one of them is John Smith and Pocahontas.

7: Also there was John Rolfe and Christopher Newport.

8: 1619 government began.Only white English men were aloud to vote. The charters were made by King James the1

9: In 1619 africin amracan came and they helped in tobacco felids | In 1620 woman cane started familys watch increast populashon

10: The American Revolution

11: The war between Britain and French and Indians.During the war the British spent millions of dollars.

12: During The Sugar Act taxes increased on coffee,indigo,and certain kinds of wine.

13: Druing the Stamp Act they taxed stamps of course and newspapper Druing the Townshend Act taxed glass lead paints paper tea

14: Druing the Boston Massacre 5 five pitriots were shot and killed on March 5 1770 On Decemer 16 1773 Angry and frustrated at the new tax on tea colonists aka the sons of liberty dumped 342 crates of tea in the Boston harbor

15: The sons of liberty are the colonist they are the ones who did the Boston tea party the ones who were in the Boston Massacre and who had to pay all those taxes.

16: The 4 people that I am going tell you about are Loyalist King George the 3rd and the Patriots and the colonist Loy alist remand on Englands side King George the 3rd was the one who made the taxes now over to the good side the Patriots and colonist worked for the Continental army

17: 13 colneys England

18: James a. Lafayette George Washington Patrick Henry and Ben Franklin are some more people. James a. Lafayette was a African spy for the contelary army Patrick Henry gave the give me librty or give me death speech | George Washington was the chief of the con ctalnetaly army

19: and Ben Franklin got the French to join the Patriots to fight the Red Coats

20: African and American Indians were divide in the war on both sides they promest there freedom if one of the sides won

21: the women at home toke care of kids farmed made clothes and cared sick and hret men they must have been really nice.

22: the battle of Lexington and Concord was the frist battle of the war. The battle of great bridge was the frist battle in Virginia it was a 7 mile hike to Norfolk.

23: the battle of Saratoga was when came in to help the colonist and it was the trunning piont of the war.

24: the last battle of the Revalionnary War was in Yorktown the British srender the colonist had won ! It was on Chrismas they had defeetde the British and the Heions I meen the scary Heions.

25: The war was OVER and then the Treaty of Paris would now be signed.

26: George Washington was the chief of the continental he also was called the Father of are country because he was the 1st president of US and he was the leader of the constitutional convention. Now James Madison was a good compromiser and a good note taker he was also called the father of the constitution.

27: Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence he was a vary good writer so he also wrote the Virginia statue of religion freedom and he beleved in religious freedom. Now this George mason he wrote the Virginia declaration of rights whtich infulenced the bill of rights

28: the 1st branch is Executive branch the 2nd Legislative branch and the 3rd Judicial.

29: the executive branch carry's out laws [ governor] the legislative branch makes laws the general assembly and the senate are in this branch the judicial branch decide if the laws have been broken

30: The tobacco drained the minerals in the soil making the framers move south for new farm land Virginias moved to the westterns looking for large farming areas and new opportunities as they moved they took their traditions , ideas , and cultures.

31: An abolitionist is someone who strongly hates slavery and will fight for there freedom and will help other slaves.

32: Harriet Tubman was a vary helpful to slaves she and her family escape from the plantion and then she when't to go help other slaves 19 times more.

33: Nat Turner and John Brown were both vary vilent . Nat Turner led a riot. He killed 60 men,women and, childern. Now John Brown led a riot and after was huggen.

34: The north was industrialized that means to factories. The south was agricultural witch means to work on a farm and they also had slaves. They both had diffrent pionts of view. | The north wanted to be free but the south said ' no' they wanted slaves states no one could agree what the western states were gonig to be.

35: The conflict grew between the north and south the slavery or the non slavery? | That led to the new state called west va

36: Abe Lincoln was firmly opposed to the spread of slavery to other states. After Abe lincoln became president in 1860 7 southern states seceded from the union to form the confederacy. | The union side Abe Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant.

37: Jefferson davis | J.E.B. Stuart | Robert E Lee | Stonewall Jackson

38: Battles: Fort Sumter,battle of bull run July 1861, USS Monitor VS USS Merrimack March 1862, battle of Fredericksburg Dec 1862, the siege of Petersburg 1864 - 1865.

39: Robert E Lee surrenders to general Grant at Appomattox Court House. | Jefferson Davis gets captured.

40: The civil war is now over and reconstruction has started. Millions of freed slaves need a house ,clothes, food, and jobs. Virginia's economy is in ruins and money had no value. Banks are also closed. Railroads, bridges, plantations, and crops were destroyed.

41: Congress created Freedmen's Bureau in 1865 this provide food , schools and meds for blacks and some whites. | a new way of framing called sharecropping came about because whites lacked money to pay workers so the former slaves needed land and a job so sharecropping let freed men and farmers to rent land from a landowner by promising to pay him with half of the crop.

42: The freedoms of blacks slowly were taken away after reconstruction. " Jim Crow " laws were not fair to blacks also laws were passed so it was hard for blacks to vote with that came poll taxes and voting tests. Every thing became spreted with blacks and whites.

43: Segregation: separation of people based on race or religion. Prejudices: negative opinions about people without proof. Discrimination: unfair treatment of people. Jim Crow laws: laws about separation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by whites.

44: After the civil war, advances in industry,tecnology, and transportation were the key to VAs growing economy. As more people traveled VAs cities grew with more people. Railroads were the key expansion of business, agriculture, and industry. Other parts of VA grew as others indusuries developed. Tobacco farming and tobacco products recovred from the civil war.

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