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WWII Soldier Journal

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BC: May 5, 1995 | We did it! What no one else could do. Us CANADIANS played a major role in the war. I know everybody in my squadron feels the same way! I cannot wait to see my dear Agnes. The Nazis have all surrendered to us. I am so proud! The Dutch threw a parade for us. We are their heros and liberators. There were flowers piled all over the streets and everybody yelling "De overwinning" which translates to "Victory"

FC: Alfred Kenburns July 24, 1920 - April 18, 1995

1: June 5th 1944 We have been stationed at Britain waiting for our next instruction. Early tomorrow morning we will | embark on our first mission. I am excited to see some action and truly fight for our country. I have heard stories from the veterans about the attrocities that the Germans have done. I met a veteran guy in my batallion that said that he heard that the Hitler disposes of Jews in a terrible way such as torturing them, even the children. I will not believe this gossip now.

2: June 6, 1944 | We landed on Juno beach today in France. As soon as we started advancing on the beach the Germans started taking my comrads out with machine guns. I never knew that a humans had so much blood in them until today. My bunk buddy was shot in the leg; the doctors say it is doubtful he will walk again.

3: We landed on the beaches early this morning only to meet the sound of machine guns. Nazis, the word is bitter with distaste in my mouth. All I want to do is get home. | June 6, 1944

4: June 7, 1944 | I really want to be home right now. I miss my family, and my wife. One day I hope I can hold her in my arms again. I saw Jim, my bunk buddy back in England, mowed down by a machine gun. It hit him in the chest and he shared his last words with me. I feel so honoured and devastated at the same time. He was so young. He had a whole life in front of him. What a waste. Nazis | Over the night we started setting up the barbed wire and what sissy trenches we could make. I am so sore from yesterday's battle which lasted through most of the night.

5: June 8, 1944 | Victory! We took over the beach and we are now securing the surrounding area. We hear of more success from the rest of the beaches down the coast, save for the Americans which are having a hard time. We took some Nazi prisoners. They seem just like us though. It's hard to believe the rumours now.

6: July 15, 1944 | We are slowly advancing towards the Belgium border. Meanwhile, I just watch my buddies get blown away. Today we saved a French family from the Nazis. They held them at gunpoint and threatened not to shot but we had men placed in the back and shot the three in the head at the same time. The mother would not stop crying and thanking us. It feels good to know that God is on our side.

7: July 19, 1944 | Travel is slow through North France. My legs are as heavy as the dispair in my heart. You don't know what it feels like to be continually amongst the dead. Through the month we have taken Rouen, Dieppe, Boulogne, and Calais. It gives me a sense of pride to know that us Canadians are helping in the downfall of the Nazis

8: July 25, 1944 | France is tough. Nazis are everywhere. Our mission was to take over the stonghold at Calais. This is the room where plans were being made. I was assigned to help determine what the Nazis next move would be but we had to dismiss the info because it could be false.

9: August 13, 1944 | Today we crossed into Belgium. Our C.O. (the officer to the far right) told us that the hardest was over and that Hitler placed most all his soldiers in either France or Russia. I trust him, he has gotten us this far. The Belgiums were very scared of us at first but as time went on, they realized we are here to help them

10: August 25, 1944 | :Today we have officially liberated the capital of Holland. They help a parade for us and there were tulips thrown onto the street. It is going to be sad to leave because many soldiers have made friends with the locals, including me. I met Dolf. He is 7 years old and lives with his grandma in a bakery. The bakery is a block away from our camp so I always go down for a visit. The home-ade chocolate chip cookies are the best

11: August 30, 1944 | Today is a sad day. I said good-bye to Dolf and his grandma. They gave me a tin of my favourite cookies. I promised if I ever happened to be in the area I would stop by. Here is a picture of Randy polishing up his airplane. He is what they call an "ace" because he has shot down 23 fighters. We embark at 0500 hours.

12: September 15, 1944 | Progress is slow. Yesterday we were shelled by the Nazis just across the border. Casualties were heavy. We fell back and requested air support. It was amazing. The planes went through and drop bombs right on those dogs. It's hard to believe that I am so far away from home. Man, those war posters are so misleading I realized last night. They make things out to be what they aren't. I definitely don't feel like a hero

13: Today we reached the capital city of the Netherlands Amsterdam they call it. Here Nazis have heavily | fortified this city. We were stationed by a candy shop when Panzers attacked us from behind. We escaped | with heavy casualties. A piece of shrapnel was embedded into my arm but I didn't complain because what is the point? | September 25, 1944

14: November 14, 1994 | Nazis are becoming scarcer by the day! I think that I will one day come home. The fighting has calmed. I healed well from the shrapnel in my leg so now I can fight again. You can see in this picture my comrads in Holland; it is okay to sit down because the job is almost done. Our captain said we should be out by Christmas but he is only saying that to keep us in high spirits

15: December 25, 1944 | So I got her a present. A watch. It's a expensive watch which looks really pretty. There's no way that I could ever buy that with my soldier salary but a saved a lady from a box falling on her head. She was an elderly lady who didn't have any kids because they all left and never came back. She brought me in and told me her sad story. I told her about my wife and she liked her and said to give to her, her watch. | Merry Christmas! Well...we didn't leave by Christmas but I didn't expect we would. I miss my family, my wife more than anything. All I want to do is hold her in my arms. I miss her like crazy.

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