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Baby's First Year

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Baby's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Logan Thomas



1: Mar. .30, 2010 - Mar. 30 2011 | Little Boy A baby boy is so unique So tiny, sweet and ever meek. It's fun to imagine what he thinks Between those coos and little blinks. Though now he's just a babe, you'll find That busy is his little mind. Learning, watching, listening To every single little thing. As you look into his eyes You see such wonder and surprise He's just so sweet, and when he smiles Your heart just soars for miles and miles.

2: NEW BEGINNINGS | YOUR PARENTS | MOMMY AND DADDY'S NAMES: John Erickson Jr, Kristy Van Lanen | We just found out that we were going to be parents, and celebrated with dinner/desert at Fratello's Restaurant. We were so happy!

4: MOTHER-TO-BE | DATE ___2-27-10__________ | MOMMY'S NAME ___Kristy May Van Lanen______ | Mom was anxiously waiting for you! She had all of your things ready to go. Waiting for your arrival was an exciting time! | 7 Months Pregnant!

5: PARENTS-TO-BE | Ready for our lil' man to arrive! | 2 Weeks prior to arrival | 5 Months | 4 Months

6: Baby Shower Guests: | -Grandma Van Lanen -Grandma Ericson -Great Grandma Wisneski -Tammy Van Lanen -Kari Van Lanen -Jenny Van Lanen -Alecia Fuss -Sue Fuss -Amanda Leigh -Amy Lauder -Felicia Carpenter -Karin Gaugler -Rebecca Hoffman -Jade/Braelyn Ott -Alyssa Ruttner -Kristin Beatty -Angie/Keoni Yingling -Kim Kobes -Amy/Johann Lauder -Karen Wisneski -Amanda Ridgley -Peg Van Lanen | So many presents!!!!! | -Karen Jansky -Carol Meyers -Leesah Wisneski -Shelly/Isabella -Carrie Wisneski -Kelly Turriff -Missy -Sue Jonet -Kristin Kramer -Felicia/Brandon/Ethan Carpenter -Jane/Alex Wisneski -Great Aunt Aba Knueppel -Jean Bryn -Lavanne -Annette/Kaitlyn Van Lanen -Julie Van Lanen -Sarah -Luann -Jeanne Pearce -Nettie Dobbe -Joanne Ludvigsen -Becca -Mary Van Lanen | -Shelly/Ella Sobieck -Kathy Hermes | Location: Sleep Inn and Suites (De Pere, WI) Date: Feb.27, 2010 Hosts: Diane Van Lanen/Barb Erickson

7: Grandma E, Mom, Grandma V, Great Aunt Aba (Head Table) | Great Grandma Wisneski | Sue/Alecia Fuss

8: FIRST PEEK | DATE__Dec. 17, 2009______ | HOW MANY WEEKS ALONG ____21__ | HOORAY! IT'S A ___Boy!_______

9: Ultrasound Pics | 3-17-10 2 (2 Weeks Prior to Birth) | 3-23-10 (1 Week Prior To Birth) | Baby's Debut 3D/4D Ultrasound (Appleton, WI) | "A Bonding Experience in the Miracle of Life..."

10: HOPES & DREAMS | MOMMY'S WISHES FOR ME | My dearest Logan - The second I laid eyes on you, I could not believe how much I loved you already. You were so perfect in every way.. Every day since then has been a blessing and every moment has been cherished. Your big, beautiful blue eyes just light the room! I hope that you grow up to be a very healthy, strong boy both inside and out.. May your life be filled with happiness and your heart filled with love. I will always love you so, so much! Love, Mom

11: FAMILY TREE | Logan Thomas | John Ericskon Jr. | Kristy Van Lanen | Allen Van Lanen | Diane Wisneski | Harvey Van Lanen | Leonard Wisneski | John Erickson Sr. | Adeline Rosik | Alvin Erickson | Helen Moore | Barbara Milewski | Lorraine Pufall | Florian Milewski | Verona Vissers | -------- | Melvin Johnson

12: LOGAN'S BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING YOUR NAME | Mom picked your first name, and dad picked your middle name. You were not named after anyone, as we wanted you to have your own unique and special name. We both loved the name "Logan Thomas" | MEASUREMENTS | BIRTH DATE ___3-30-10__ | BIRTH TIME _1:08 PM___ | POUNDS ___5__ | OUNCES ___12__ | INCHES _18 3/4 __ | -Mom was in labor for 14 hours. -Daddy cut the umbilical cord. -Doctor's Name: Dr. Sehring -Color of Eyes: Blue -Color of Hair: Blond/light brown (very little)


14: FIRST FAMILY PORTRAIT | :DATE__3-30-10________ | Logan was born one month early, and ready to conquer the world! By day 2 at the hospital, he was almost rolling over! All the nurses loved him!!!! For such a small baby, he was a tough lil' one!!

15: DATE___4-1-10_______ | Logan had a minor case of jaundice, and had to stay an extra day at the hospital. Mom and dad were allowed to stay on the 2nd floor to be near him. | "Hello Ladies!"

16: BIRTH (Hospital Pics) | ------------ ------------ ------------ | First Diaper Change | When we left the hospital, Logan weighed only 5 lbs 4 ozs

17: 3 Days Old


19: FIRST PHOTOGRAPH WITH THE PROUD GRANDPARENTS | NAME OF RELATIVE _Grandma Diane Van Lanen________________ | NAME OF RELATIVE _Grandpa Al Van Lanen________________ | NAME OF RELATIVE __Grandma Barb Erickson_______________ | NAME OF RELATIVE __Grandpa John Ericson SR_______________

20: FIRST PHOTOGRAPH WITH FRIENDS & RELATIVES | Aunt Tammy | Uncle Scott | Aunt Jenny | Karen Gaugler (Friend of Mom's) | Great Aunt Nancie | Aunt Kari

21: Great Uncle Jeff | Godparents Nick and Alecia | Great Aunt Jane | Great Grandma/Grandpa Wisneski | Going Home!

22: Your Nursery | To plan for your arrival: Daddy painted your room blue/green. He also put up shelves and fixed up the closet for all your new clothes! Mom did the decorating, and made the room into a jungle theme with elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and lions. | Your first address: 1275 Morris Ave, Green Bay WI 54304 The weather was in the 60's. It was sunny and just a little bit windy. It was one of the first nice spring days of the year. A great day to bring you home! So many people came to see you at the hospital, that mom/dad wanted a quiet evening with you. Your great Aunt Jane and Uncle Roger Wisneski stopped over for just a little while. Otherwise, it was a perfect day with mom, dad, and bosse (the dog). | Welcome Home

23: Birth Announcements | Local Green Bay Press Gazette | Sent to Friends and Family

24: FIRST HOLIDAY | Look what the Easter Bunny brought in! You were just 6 days old. This was our most special holiday ever (this picture was even in the local newspaper!) _ | DATE__Easter 4-5-10________

25: We went to Grandma/Grandpa Erickson's house for lunch. Then, we stopped over at Great Grandma/Grandpa Wisneski's house to visit for an hour and to show you off! You were so good. We then had mom's whole family over for dinner. Everyone wanted to hold you so much (especially the grandmas!) | Logan's First Easter | Great Grandma/Grandpa Wisneski

26: 0-1 Month | You were such a good baby! You rarely ever cried. Everybody (even strangers) were always saying how good you were! (and this continued throughout the whole year)

28: Logan wins again!

30: DATE__________ | DATE__________ | 1 Month

31: HI!

32: Ericksons (3 generations)

34: MEMORABLE MOMENTS | DATE_____________ | Going Home from the Hospital | First Manicure | First Bath (Sponge Bath)

35: First Time Swimming | First Time in the Baby Pool | Ready to Play Ball!

36: 11 | 111111222 | 2 MONTHS | At 2 months, he was truly smiling and laughing all the time.

37: Memorial Day Parade

40: First Mothers Day | 3 Generations (Van Lanens) | May 9, 2010

41: First Fathers Day | June 20, 2010

42: 3 Months | Logan got all of his shots on his 3 month appt. He only cried a little at the appt, and then just wanted to sleep/cuddle all day.

43: The Boys!

44: Loves Books! | Get that thing off of me!

45: Uncle Scott | SO TIRED!

48: 4 Months | Logan slept through the night for the first time!

50: BUSTED! | Loves Dinasaurs!

51: Octo the Octopus....his favorite toy!

52: Baptism (August 22, 2010) at Nativity of Our Lord Parish

54: 5 MONTHS | -Regularily sleeping through the night! First formula bottle -Slept in the crib (instead of the bassinette). We never had any problems with the switch! | Mom's Favorite Picture!

56: Discovered his feet!

57: Very Happy Baby!!!! (Mom and Dad are soooo spoiled!)

58: Godparents (Uncle Nick and Aunt Alecia Van Lanen) | "My Godparents: Take my little hand, hold it as I grow..."

59: Grandparents (Diane/Al Van Lanen & Barb/John Erickson Sr.) | Grandma, Grandpa & Me I'm Grandpas pride and joy, and his biggest fan. I'm his little shadow, and his willing helping hand. I'm Grandmas sunshine, her lil punkin and sweetie-pie. I'm the center of her heart, and the apple of her eye. Our love is just because. its that simple, sweet and true. So lucky to have each other, Grandma, Grandpa & Me-too

60: 6 MONTHS | -6 Month appt: Only cried for about 2 min at doctor's office, and great the rest of the day! -First baby food. He started on rice cereal and veggies - loves the sweet potato! -At 6 1/2 Months: Started on baby fruit - loves prunes!

61: New Zoo

64: Taken at "The Picture People" Oct.31, 2010

66: 7 MONTHS | -Scooting on floor (moving his hands and dragging his feet) -Favorite Toy: Television Remote -Introduced baby oatmeal (Love, love, loves it...cries when it's gone because he wants more) -Logan is a great eater! He would eat a lot if we let him. He just does not like peas/beans. -Holds bottle by himself | WISCONSIN DELLS

68: First Halloween

70: 8 MONTHS | -Going for all the chords/electronics. -Getting into cupboards/playing with doors. -Gave him solid food for the first time (bread, fruits, etc).....made lots of funny faces! -Crawled on all fours (although he prefers to walk/run around house while holding someone's hand instead) -Walking with someone holding one hand. -Can pull himself up to standing -Can occupy himself for a little while alone in his bedroom.

73: Logan Loved Santa!

74: 9 MONTHS | -9 Months, 1 Day: Got his first tooth (bottom) -9 Months, 2 days: Stood up in crib by himself -9 Months, 3 days: Got his second tooth (top) -9 Months, 4 days: 4 teeth in (2 on top/2 on bottom) *Logan had a bad cold (first real one) and all teeth at the same time. However, he was such a tough lil' boy and was never crabby/cried during the day! -Started cooing "ba, ba, ba, ba" -2nd night away from Logan (mom and dad went up north for New Years)

75: Logan with Johann Lauder

78: Our "Lil Man" (9 Month Professional Pics)

80: 10 MONTHS | -Slides off the couch by himself. -Started sticking his tongue out all the time. -Took first steps by himself -Let him cry at night for the first time. He cried for just a few minutes and then went back to bed (this was very hard for mom and dad)! -Knows how to turn on/off play station 3. -Wore shoes for the first time -Loves to pull all of his clothes out of the drawers.

81: Superbowl 2010 Packers Win!

82: First Valentines Day!

83: Grandpa's Birthday

84: -Walking on his own. -Says the word "car" -Words he already understands: mom, dad, bosse (dog), grandma/grandpa, truck, car, airplane, barney, basketball, helicopter, baby, bus, elmo, bird (ex: you can tell him to get his truck and he will go in the other room and get it). -Has anxiety when we leave the room/house. He will cry when mom has to go to work and somebody (other than grandma) watches him (this only lasted for a few weeks). -Switched from bottle to cup (it only took a few days, he got it pretty easy). -5th tooth came in. | 11 MONTHS

85: Mr. Cool

87: Daddy Time! | Mommy Time!

88: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | Birth | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 2 | 4 | 6 | 9 | 12 | 12. lbs 0.5 oz (55%) | 14 lbs 10.5 oz (50%) | 23 3/4" (85%) | 26" (90%) | 17 lbs 3 oz (45%) | 26 1/2" (50%) | 19 lbs 9 oz (30%) | 29" (70%) | 22 lbs 5 oz (40%) | 29.5" (40%) | 5 lbs, 12 oz | 18 3/4"

89: Favorites: | -Logan loves airplanes! Since he was about 8 months old, every time he heard an airplane he would look up at the sky and point.. -Logan loves Elmo and Barney. He doesn't watch much t.v, but loves reading their books. -He loves the outdoors! Ever since he was able to walk with someone's help, he would always drag them to the door and want to go outside. It did not matter if it was raining or col.d. One of mom's most favorite memories is when Logan was about 11 months old. He wanted to go outside so bad (but it was raining outside), that he dragged his diaper bag from the living room all the way to the door. And just looked up at us with an angry expression that you know said "Let me outside!". -Logan loves Bosse, the dog. He loves to give him hugs and always laughs when he is in the room. -Foods: Oatmeal for breakfast and prunes for lunch! Loves them! Also loves vanilla yogurt, crackers, and milk. -He loves his blue, dolphin pillow that daddy bought for him -Loves to be held before falling asleep (will not fall asleep on his own). -Loves playing peek-a-boo! He plays it all the time, especially with strangers when we are out. -Loves music! His favorite show is American Idol. Logan will stand in front of the t.v and just listen.

90: 12 MONTHS

92: FIRST BIRTHDAY | -Guests at Birthday Party: Grandma/Grandpa Van Lanen, Grandma/Grandpa Erickson, Great Grandma/Grandpa Wisneski, Aunt Kari, Jenny/Steve,/Sophie, Nick/Alecia, Great Uncle Bill/Carrie, Great Uncle Roger/Jane, Sue Fuss, Amanda/Dan Rigley, Felicia Carpenter (mom's friend) and kids, Mike/Megan Richardson and kid (dad's friend) | "MMM......CAKE GOOD!!!"

93: Too tired to open presents! | Wagon from Nick/Alecia | Elmo/Airplane Cake! | Mom and Dad's Homemade Cake

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