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Titus Raymond Martinez

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Titus Raymond Martinez - Page Text Content

S: Titus' First Year

BC: The End and the beginning

FC: Titus Raymond Martinez

1: Titus Raymond Martinez Born July 17, 2009 At 2321 hours | 19 Inches 5 LBS 15 oz

2: When we first found out about you! | Andy, Bert, Joyce and I decided it was a beautiful weekend for a mountain bike ride at Church Rocks. When we got home I was tired and layed down to take a nap. Even more unusual was when I woke up 4 hours later and ate, and went right to bed. The next day, being very suspicious, I bought a pregnancy test and waited till the next morning to see if I was going to be a mommy. At four AM the test read positive, and I ran into the bed room with the stick in hand and told Andy I was pregnant. We were both so excited to start our new life with you I couldn't go back to sleep. A few hours later I called Nana and told her the exciting news. Since that moment I can't seem to think of anything else but you.

3: Your Name | Your name on the other hand, came to pass only a few years before you were born when your father and I discussed what we'd name a child if we had any. I suggested the name Titus after one of the big wave surfers we knew in Hawaii. Andy agreed that he liked the name and when we found out you were a boy we knew that you must be our Titus that we'd been waiting for. | The name Titus originated from Titus Flavius Vespasianus, a military commander and Roman Emperor who reigned until 81 AD.. The Arch of Titus commemorates his victory against the Jewish rebellion. | Raymond Martinez was your paternal Great Grandfathers name. Your Great Uncle Ray was also given his name and now its yours.

4: Week 8 The start of a new life is underway. But not allot of signs on the outside yet...except that those jeans are starting to fit pretty tight.(oh and that bump you see is not signs of life, when will the bloating end?) Guess the baby didn't need all of those calories after all. Although I do feel like my insides want to be on my outsides, (nausea-blah!) I've managed to stay puke free up to this point! Yeah!! The baby's face, phalanges, and heart are starting to develop now. At about 1/2 inch big it surprising that they'll turn into a big person someday. | Week 12 Another month gone by. Its going so freakin slow! I'm still feeling "blah" but all in all I'm so excited that I don't even care. The "all day sickness" (morning my butt) is supposed to subside now. I pray that's the case. Not allot of signs of a baby yet. The baby's eyes and ears are in place now. The intestines are still not entirely in the body cavity yet but we're working on it :) Our little one is around 2 1/2 inches tall and a 1/2 ounce big. Getting bigger and more acrobatic everyday. There are 2 other girls that are due about the same time as me and they say I should be feeling flutters, but I've felt nothing but gas :( but I'll keep you posted if that changes. 28 more weeks to go. | Week 16 Another months eked by. Not allot happening still. I've gained 5 lbs in between my doctor visits. Which I'm sure means that I've lost 5 of muscle and gained 10 of fat, but that's how it goes I guess. Last week was my first week with no nausea, hurray! Today, Andy and I went on our first bike ride since forever and I was easily winded but it was SO nice to get out. Andy of course made me walk the sketchy parts but I tend to crash allot so its probably a good thing :) Our little tike is between 4-5 inches big this week. And we're scheduled for an ultrasound next month to see how everything is goin in there; sounds fun!

5: February 3, 2009 First Movement! Last night when we were in bed Andy was reading and talking about the baby when I felt a small "cramp" like sensation. So Andy put his hand on my belly and waited to see if he felt something from the outside and he felt several thumps! Haa, my baby's practicing martial arts and its not even out of the womb! How awesome is that? So I called my mom this afternoon and told her of the going ons and how my colleagues said that they felt a "flutter" but mine felt more like a kick and she said "yeah, that sounds more like your baby, you won't get fluttering". No ballet slippers for this one, better plan on getting 'em boxing gloves. | February 4, 2009 I was concerned how the baby was doing so I bombarded my Wednesday surgeon (he's a GYN) with questions about how things should be at this point and finally he said "why don't you just get an ultrasound and you'll know for sure?" So I shut my mouth until the next time I worked with him and I mentioned how he should make sure his ultrasound equipment in his office is working properly and how I was willing to help him test it! I'm a giver, what can I say. So he was nice enough to take some quick pictures for me to make sure all is well. The baby's got the umbilical cord wrapped around his body and neck like he's been doing nothing but log rolls in there for the past 3 months. But everything looks fine and the heart beat is good.

6: Titus is a little fighter and yoga practitioner at just 17 weeks. We watched him punchin', kickin' and stretching all over the place. The cord is no longer tangled all around him or his neck. Of course he managed to weasel his way out of that one (I see Jujitsu in his future). So tell me, do these poses look similar to you? He stretched out and folded in half and the ultrasound tech squealed "oh, that looks uncomfortable!" And I'm like, "Really? I think I was doin that yesterday." Fast learner this one; best be careful what I do :) | February 23rd

7: May 16th Papa and Nana had everyone over to their place for a nice BBQ in your name. Lots of people attended and gave you many a blanket/quilt to keep you warm. Clothes, towels, diapers and baby supplies were also given in preparation for your arrival. . Everyone ate until their bellies were as big as mine! June 19th Stephanie had a baby shower for you in St. George at her house. Lots of my friends and colleagues came to celebrate. We ate, played games and of course got some diapers for you to use in the future. There are several pregnant gals waiting to see the only expected boy...you. | Titus' Baby Shower

8: 20 weeks Titus is half way cooked! I've decided that I'm carrying most of my baby in my hips and butt. I went from being a size 3-5 and now I can't fit into a 9-10, but still no big belly :( I have a bigger belly when I eat our homemade burritos.My skin is still dry (all over) and stretch marky (on my hips...of course) but I've been using this lotion that Shy gave me in hopes that it will help. | Because of all this butt growth I only have one pair of pants that I can wear still so I broke down and went and got maternity pants today. Very comfortable but not real fashionable...it'll due. Oh yes, and Andy and I went for a bike ride this morning and I had to wear his shorts because mine wont go on, and its lookin like his are a real tight fit as well. Guess I'm just going to have to ride naked until I get too big to ride...talk about puttin some color on your cheeks eh. He's really lively; moves around allot which reminds me of Aliens or Space balls where the alien pops out of his belly at the diner. Some mornings I wonder if that would happen if I didn't eat right away, but luckily it hasn't happened yet.

9: 24 weeks I had a 25" waist, 36" hips and weighed 120 lbs before I got pregnant. Now my waist is 33" and my hips are...well lets just say if it doesn't come in a 10 (or larger) with a stretchy waist it aint goin' to make it, and I weighed 139 lbs at my last OB appointment. So you know, I try not to make any sudden movements just in case my skin gets too much pressure behind it and RIPS off my body. And as it turns out, Titus has only just begun growing, not a whole lot of room left! Titus is one spicy baby. I've been eating so much spicy stuff since I got pregnant that that boy's goin to come out spitin fire. And as most of you know; I don't eat spicy anything! But in the last 6 months I've made so much hot Mexican food that Andy's fellow electricians are threatening to move him into his own part of the building if this gassy upset persists. Not to mention he's locked up with me for 6-8 hours at night with no place to hide! Perhaps its a good thing summer is here and we can at least eat some local stuff to keep me away from the fried, spicy, ultimate goodness Andy calls his "heritage". But hey I'm Danish | and danishes are pretty damn tasty too. Titus is goin to come out a Mexican Danish; sweet and spicy AKA a diabetic with heartburn. Sounds like either a delightful treat or really really nasty...can't wait to find out. Titus's hearing is fully developed so Andy talks to him once in a while through my belly button; its terribly cute. I can't wait to meet/hold him...16 long weeks to go.

10: April 27, 2009 26 weeks

11: A few weeks back Titus decided that he was going to try and give me a heart attack. I was in the kitchen making lunch for Andy and I before work when I felt a 'flip/flop' sensation in the belly. Immediately afterward there was a sharp pain in my side and it radiated down my groin. I sat down in the kitchen and waited for the pain to subside. It didn't get completely 100% but I figured I'd eat breakfast and see how things went. After breakfast I noticed that Titus still hadn't made any movement (typically he;d be doin his exercises) and I remembered Dr. Lunt telling me that if I notice any odd movements or lack of movement that I should go to L&D right away. I went to work and used a stethoscopes to check his heart rate...no heart beat. I checked again; nothing. So of course I did what any woman would do; I sobbed and ran to L&D to find a doppler, an ultrasound, or an MD! Low and behold there stood Dr. Lunt. I told him what had happened and he picked up the pace and ran to get the ultrasound. I laid down we saw Titus with his cute little mouth drinkin away. Apparently he had flipped breech and in the process pulled my round ligament. Ouch! But it seemed he was a little confused since he had been on his head the whole pregnancy and I imagined him saying "what the heck is this?". Argo, he wasn't really moving a whole lot and when he did move I couldn't feel it. Of course he got back into his head down position and has been thoroughly attacking all my organs that are intruding on his space, but I think I'd rather have that than the alternative of not knowing if he's OK. Little monster...we're going to get along like peas and carrots! | 32 weeks | 28 weeks

12: 36 weeks Things seem to be getting closer to the end now. Our little guy is still movin around allot and reminding me he's there :) The Braxton-Hicks are a weird sensation I can't describe. On the other hand, I've decided that I'm not a big fan of the cramps/contractions that I've had the last few days, which seem all too familiar from my menstrual cycle past. I thought that the nausea and diarrhea that I've had since week 34 was a thing of the past but actually those cramps make it more intense. Perhaps this is the reason why many women get anxious to get the baby out come the third trimester? All in all, I feel like I was aware of what was to come, for the most part. The sleepless uncomfortable nights, frequent urination, varicose veins, swelling etc... so thank you to all my friends and family who kept me well informed during their pregnancies and before mine. Its been good to know that all the discomforts and such are normal. I'm happy to have been able to have had this experience even with all the negative aspects that come along with it. Thank you God for letting me participate in this beautiful miracle. So I've had some women describe to me how they carried their baby when they were pregnant, and I gatta tell ya I'm not sure I've had a similar experience. Somehow, Titus has managed to have a foot under my right rib, kick my right kidney, and smash my bladder all at the same time. I don't know if I'm carrying him high/low/back or whatever I just know that most my organs are in my throat and the rest of my insides must be resting in my hips (which is how I explain nothing fitting around them). This guy is taken up every inch of my mid section. When he decides its time to come out I'm thinkin both of us will have more room to breath (literally). Maybe he'll come on mine or Shylow's birthday. Won't that be nice? Whenever he does come I'm sure it'll be the right time.

14: My Birth | The first contraction came about 0300 Friday morning. They ranged from 3-30 minutes apart but were growing in intensity so at almost 0500 I woke up your Dad and asked him if he could finish packing our hospital bad before he took off for work. I continued about my day timing the contractions as they came. Joyce and I went to lunch just after 1100 and timed my contractions while we sat and they were 3 minutes apart for over an hour and pretty strong. So we stopped by the hospital on the way home and they said that I was dilated to a 4 and fully effaced. Which meant I wasn't going to be going home. Your Dad got there right after he finished work, about 1600, just in time to finish watching the epidural being put in by Dr.Ivey. Our OB nurse Venice continuously kept checking us to monitor our progress. Dr. Ivey came back at 1745 to fix the epidural that was only working on my left side. From that point on Dr. Lind took care of my pain management and allowed me to keep it minimal so that I could experience what was goin on. Immediately following my epidural being fixed Dr. Ott came in checked how far dilated I was and broke my water. Grandma rushed in around 2100 hours from Heber . At 2300 hours the nurse said that we were going to start pushing. And at 2321 you were out and on my belly. I held you for on my chest for the first hour you were here. You were the most magnificent thing I'd ever seen. Your hair was dark brown, your eyes were hazel blue and your skin was milky white; everyone sat in awe of you for a long time. I didn't sleep your first night, the nurse and I tried to get you to eat and you slept so deeply and quietly that I kept checking you to make sure you were OK. We went home the following afternoon and started our new lives together.

15: Allot of supportive people were there to help...

16: Daddy bathed me at the hospital

17: My first bath from Mommy

18: 5 DAYS OLD 5.82 Lbs 19 Inches | My first doctor visit and my nip tuck. | July 22 For the record Dad had the finale decision on weather to circumcise or not. Grandma and I took him into see Dr. Kaddu at 0830 this morning for his check up and the big procedure. Dr. Kaddu busted out the lidocain and began numbing things up and so Titus immediately retorted by urinating on the doctor and defecating on the table...that to me was a good indication that he wasn't interested in this whole thing what so ever, but we pushed on. Dr. Kaddu did a very good job and was gentle as could be with baby Titus. But by the time we got home and he was ready for his diaper to be changed he was screamin bloody murder; can't say I blame him. Unfortunately the screamin didn't subside until the following morning about 0800. Needless to say Titus and I are extremely tired this morning and could use a nap. I'm thankful we don't have to go through this again.

19: My first week home Mom and Dad learned that I hiccough, poop,fart, nurse and sneeze ALLOT. And I look cute with a mohawk.

20: My first potty! 8/17 | All pooped out. | 3 weeks 6.81 Lbs 20.08 Inches | "HI!" 10/2 | MY First sound!

21: My first time around farm animals. 9/16 | My first softball game 10/6 | 10 weeks 10 Lbs 22.64 Inches

22: Papa and Nana bought you camo and a pair of deer long johns to help you fit in and be incognito during the hunt! | My first Deer hunt

23: it was freezing cold up at dock flats but you were a trooper. Papa said we kept you too warm, but how could we not you were so cute in your new clothes!

24: My First Halloween!

25: The First Thanksgiving and Titus' First Christmas!!

26: My First Hair Cut Love Mom 01/17/10 | Cut My First Tooth! 01/16/10 | 6.5 Months 13.16 lbs 25.98 Inches | 7.5 Months 15.44 LBS

28: Easter

29: Independence Day

30: First time I crawled Since the time you were in my belly your legs have wanted to go. And when you figured out how to crawl you were cruisin! The day you took your first steps you tried again and again; just a goin. 4-19-10 | My First Steps | 5/ 11/10

31: With Titus, every day is a new adventure!

33: First Birthday

35: Here's lookin at you kid.

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